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The Yeast Labs Page is a list of laboratories working on yeast around the world. Yeast colleagues are invited to enter their colleague and laboratory information into SGD using the Colleague Submission/Update Form. The page displays contact information, links to web pages, gene names and keywords as provided by yeast colleagues.

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ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Aarden, Lucien
Abeliovich, Hagai
Hebre University of Jerusalem

Abou Elela, Sherif
Universite de Sherbrooke

RNA binding, RNA processing, RNase III, dimerization, dsRBD, dsRNA, nucleases, protein interaction, two-hybrid, RNT1p
Adams, Alison E. M.
Northern Arizona University

Adler, Lennart
Lundberg Laboratory

Aebersold, Ruedi
Aebi, Markus
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

dolichol, endoplasmic reticulum, protein glycosylation, OST5
Agarwal, Ameeta
National Center for Natural Products Research, University of Mississippi

natural products, mechanism of action, antifungal drug discovery
Aguilaniu, Hugo
Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon

asymmetry, metabolism, nutrition, Oxidation, Reproduction
Aguilar, Blanca
(Other last name: Uscanga)
Universidad de Guadalajara

Saccharomyces, cell wall, chitin, ethanol, fermentation, yeast, beta-glucans, mannoprotein
Aguilera, Andres
Universidad de Sevilla

double-strand break repair, homologous recombination, transcription elongation, transcription-coupled repair, Genomic instability, Transcription-associated recombination, Chromatin-related genetic instability, transcription-associated mutation, HPR1, MFT1, MUS81, NAB2, NPL3, PGD1, POB3, PSA1, RAD3, RAD52, RNA14, RRP6, SAC3, SCC2, SEM1, SLX4, SMC1, SMC3, SMC5, SMC6, SPT16, SPT4, SPT6, SUB2, THO1, THO2, THP1, THP2, YEN1
Ahmadpour, Doryaneh
Goteborg University

Aiello, David P.
Austin College

calcium, glycogen, phosphoglucomutase, PGM2, GPH1
Aigle, Michel
Universite Lyon1

genomics, prion, QTL, Industrial yeast
Aitchison, John
Institute for Systems Biology

nuclear transport, nucleoporin, peroxisome, nuclear pore, karyopherin, FAT3, NOP53, OAF3
Akada, Rinji
Yamaguchi University

Akash, Gunjan
Alani, Eric
Alber, Tom
Albers, Eva
Chalmers University of Technology

Albrecht, Mario
Max Planck Institute for Informatics

Alexandraki, Despina
FORTH-Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology and University of Crete

Alipour, Homan
Goteborg University

Alone, Pankaj
National Institute of Science Education & Research

ribosome, translation initiation, eIF2 gamma, eIF5, Codon anti-codon, GCD11, SUI1, SUI3, TIF5
Altamura, Nicola
Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche (CNR)

Alvarez, M Jesus
Alvaro, David
Columbia University

IRC10, IRC11, IRC13, IRC14, IRC15, IRC16, IRC18, IRC19, IRC2, IRC20, IRC21, IRC22, IRC23, IRC24, IRC25, IRC3, IRC4, IRC5, IRC6, IRC7, IRC8, IRC9, ,
Amako, Katsumi
Kobe Gakuin University
Amberg, David Charles
SUNY Upstate Medical University

Amidon, Benjamin S.
Millennium Pharmaceuticals

Ammerer, Gustav
Anders, Kirk R.
Gonzaga University

Andre, Bruno
Free University of Brussels

transporter, permease, sensor, ubiquitin
Andreadis, Athena
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Andrejic, Dr.Jelena
University of Illinois at Chicago
Andrews, Brenda J.
University of Toronto

Andrulis, Erik D.
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

heterochromatin, transcription, exosome, mRNA surveillance
Angeletti, Peter
Nebraska Center for Virology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

DNA replication, virus, Encapsidation, Chromosome maintenance, HPV, Episomal
Ansari, Athar
Wayne State University

RNA processing, transcription, Gene looping
Appling, Dean R.
Univ of Texas at Austin

Aragon, Luis
Medical Research Council, Imperial College London

Araki, Hiroyuki
National Institute of Genetics

DNA polymerase, replication, DLS1, PSF1, PSF2, PSF3, SLD2, SLD3, SLD5
Arcangioli, Benoit
Ares, Manuel (Manny)
University of California

RNA processing, introns, ribonucleases, snRNA, spliceosomal proteins, splicing, snRNPs, LSR1/SNR20, HSH155, CUS1, RNT1, CUS2, HSH49
Argueso, J Lucas
Colorado State University

chromosome, recombination, Ty, CNV, MLH1
Arino, Joaquin
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Protein Phosphatases, salt tolerance, transcriptional responses, alkaline pH stress, PPZ1, SIS2, SIT4, SLT2
Arndt, Karen
Arndt, Karen M.
University of Pittsburgh

RNA polymerase II, transcription elongation, transcription initiation, PAF1 complex, RTF1, histone methylation, SNF1, TBP, RKR1, RTF1
Arnesen, Thomas
University of Bergen

N-terminal acetylation, N-terminal acetyltransferase, NAT, ARD1, MAK10, MAK3, MAK31, MDM20, NAT1, NAT3, NAT4, NAT5
Arora, Michelle Benig
Argonne National Laboratory
Ashburner, Michael
Ashe, Mark
The University of Manchester

mRNA localization, translation initiation, Nutrient stress
Askree, Syed
Asleson, Cathy
(Other last name: (Dundon))
NordYeast Inc.

Astrom, Stefan
Stockholm university

Atkin, Audrey L.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

mRNA stability, nonsense-mediated mRNA decay, regulation of gene expression, gene regulatory networks
Auble, David T.
University of Virginia Health System

Aviram, Naama
Weizmann Institute of Science
Aviv, Tzvi
University of Toronto

Ayscough, Kathryn
University of Sheffield

endocytosis, Protein localization, actin

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Babst, Markus
University of Utah

MVB12, VPS20, VPS25, VPS4, VPS60, VTA1
Babudri, Nora
University of Perugia
DNA repair, DNA replication, Starvation-associated Mutagenesis
Baby, Sabulal
Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute

3. Enzyme inhibition by plant metabolites, 6. Chemosystematics, 4. Proteomics, 1. Chemistry of plant volatiles, 5. Terpenoid biosynthesis, 2. Plant metabolites: isolation, characterization, bioactivity
Bach, Stephane
CNRS- Station Biologique de Roscoff

prions, Kinase inhibitors
Bachant, Jeff
University of California Riverside

Bachhawat, Anand K.
IISER Mohali

glutathione, redox, transport, cysteine, sulphur, DUG1, DUG2, DUG3, GCG1, GSH1, OPT1, YCT1
Bacon, Stuart
Lake States Yeast
Baetz, Kristin
Ottawa Institute of Systems Biology, University of Ottawa

chromatin, chromosome stability, proteomics, lipid signaling, cellulosic fermentation, lysine acetyltransferase, SRF1
Bahler, Jurg
Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
cell growth, genomics, stress response, meiosis, DNA microarrays, chromosome tiling array, expression profiling, quiescence
Bailis, Adam M.
Beckman Institute of the City of Hope

RAD genes, chromatin, double-strand break repair, genome organization, homologous recombination, mismatch repair, nucleotide excision repair, short-repeats, telomeres, chromosomal translocations, CHO1, DNL4, EST2, HIS3, INO1, MRE11, MSH2, MSH3, POL3, RAD1, RAD10, RAD27, RAD3, RAD30, RAD50, RAD51, RAD52, RAD59, REV1, REV3, REV7, SAM1, SAM2, SSL1, SSL2, XRS2, YKU70
Baines, Christopher
Bakalinsky, Alan T.
Oregon State University

flor, sherry, sulfite, wine, biofilm, pentose phosphate pathway, FZF1, SSU1, PEP3, FZF1, SSU1
Baker, Henry V.
University of Florida

Baker, Rohan T.
Australian National University
deubiquitinating enzymes, ubiquitin-related proteins, ubiquitin-specific proteases, ubiquitin, RPS30A, RPS30B, UBP16, UBP2, UBP3, UBP6
Ball, Catherine A.
Stanford University

Bandoh, Masashige
Banfield, David
Bankaitis, Vytas
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Golgi, secretion, phospholipids, GTPase activating protein, SEC14
Barberis, Alcide
drug discovery, scFv, antibody fragments, drug development, yeast cell-based assays
Barclay, Barry J.
Planet Biotechnologies Inc
DHFR, DNA repair, biotechnology, folate, thymidylate, thymineless, uracil incorporation, photolyase, DFR1, CDC21
Bard, Martin
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Bardwell, James
Bardwell, Lee
University of California, Irvine

pheromone response pathway, phosphorylation, signal transduction, MAP kinase cascades, invasive filamentous growth, DIG1, DIG2, FUS3, KSS1, STE5, STE7
Barkai, Naama
Barlowe, Charles
Dartmouth Medical School

ERV14, ERV29, ERV41, ERV46
Barnes, Georjana
UC Berkeley, Molecular and Cell Biology Department

Barnes, Larry D.
Univ. of Texas Health Science Center
Baroni, M. David
Universit` degli Studi di Padova

cAMP pathway, cell size control, mitosis, centrosomes
Barr, Francis
MPI fur Biochemie
Barral, Yves P.
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

cell polarity, cytoskeleton, septin, HSL1, actin
Barre, Pierre
Barrell, Barclay G.

Barrientos, Antoni
University of Miami

Basa, Ranor
Pomona College

Baserga, Susan J.
Yale School of Medicine

RNA processing, nucleolus, ribosome, snoRNP, IMP3, IMP4, UTP10, UTP11, UTP13, UTP14, UTP15, UTP4, UTP5, UTP6, UTP7, UTP8, UTP9
Bashkirov, Vladimir
Institute of Gene Biology
DNA repair, cellular checkpoints, recombination, S. pombe
Basrai, Munira
National Cancer Institute

Kinetochore, checkpoint, chromosome segregation, kinetochore, Non-Annotated ORFs, nucleopore, BUB3, CDC5, CSE4, HUG1, MAD1, MAD2, NUP170, PAT1, PSH1, SCM3, SIZ1, SLX5, SOD1, SPT4
Batada, Nizar
Harvard Medical School

Bauer, Florian F.
University of Stellenbosch

cell wall, fermentation, transcriptional regulation, wine yeast strains, carnitine, directed evolution, flavour and aroma metabolism, yeast microbiome, FLO1, FLO11, MSS11
Baumann, Kristin
Beasley, Ellen
Perlegen Sciences
Becker, Jeffrey M.
University of Tennessee

fungal virulence factors, peptide transport, pheromone, pheromone receptor, OPT1, OPT2, PTR3, STE2
Bedwell, David M.
University of Alabama at Birmingham

aminoglycosides, stop mutations, translational termination, mRNA turnover, release factors, SUP35, SUP45, TPA1
Beh, Christopher T.
Simon Fraser University

lipid transport, vesicle transport, OSH genes, sterol homeostasis, Rho GTPases, polarized cell growth, CDC42, HES1, KES1, OSH2, OSH3, OSH6, OSH7, RHO1, SEC4, SWH1
Belanger, Ken
Colgate University

nuclear pore complex, nuclear transport, nucleoporin, karyopherin
Belgareh-Touze, Naima
Jacques Monod Institut
Belhadj, Omrane

Benanti, Jennifer A.
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Benjamin, Kirsten
Amyris Biotechnologies

Bennett, Craig
Duke University Medical Center
double-strand break, functional genomics, heterologous gene expression, DNA repair/recombination, SIR functions in DNA repair, mechanisms of radiation resistance, HO-induced damage, Damage-induced signaling, MMS22
Berardi, Enrico
Universit degli Studi di Ancona

Hansenula polymorpha, carbon metabolism, catabolite inactivation, catabolite repression, fatty acid beta-oxidation, nitrogen metabolism, stress response, thermotolerance, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, methylotropic yeast
Berkowitz, Gerald
Berman, Judith
University of Minnesota

Bernales, Sebastian
University of California at San Francisco
Bernhardt, Rita
Bernstein, Kara
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

DNA recombination, DNA repair, double-strand break repair, Shu complex, SGS1
Bertau, Martin
Freiberg University of Mining and Technology

bioremediation, biocatalysis, biotransformation, enzyme network, biosimulation, sustainable chemistry, biodehalogenation, enantioselective reduction
Berthelet, Sharon
University of Ottawa

Bertl, Adam
TU Darmstadt

ion transport, osmoregulation, salt tolerance, ion channels, proton pumps, electrophysiology, endo-/exocytosis
Bertolotti, Anne
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

proteasome, stress, chaperone, protein quality control, cellular homeostasis
Bertuch, Alison A.
Baylor College of Medicine

telomerase, telomere, NHEJ, Ku, YKU70, YKU80
Bessoule, Jean-Jacques
Bhat, Paike Jayadeva
Indian Institute of Technology

gene regulation, Galactose metabolism, MRG19, GAL3, galactokinase, PRM15
Bianchini, Adalto
Biggins, Sue
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute

chromosome segregation, kinetochores, spindle checkpoint, GIP3, GIP4, WSS1
Binkley, Gail
Stanford University

Bishop, Douglas K.
University of Chicago

DNA repair, checkpoint, recombination, DMC1, RAD51
Bisson, Linda F.
University of California, Davis

HXT, hexose transporters, wine yeast, SNF3
Biswas, Tapan K.
Univ Chicago
Bitter, Grant A.
BitTech, Inc.

DNA repair, cell cycle control, mutational mechanisms, transcriptional regulation
Bjornsti, Mary-Ann
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
camptothecin, rapamycin, DNA topoisomerase I, SUMOylation, TAH11, TAH18
Black, Paul N.
Ordway Research Institute
FadL, acyl-CoA synthetase, bacteria, fatty acid, protein, transport, yeast, membrane, intracellular trafficking, FAT1
Blackburn, Elizabeth
513 Parnassus Ave Box 0414

telomerase, telomere
Blank, Lars M.
RWTH Aachen University

carbon metabolism, metabolic engineering, flux control, flux analysis, volatile metabolites, LEU4
Blomberg, Anders
Goteborg University

INSERM & Brest School of Medicine

cytokinesis, mitochondrial diseases, drug screening, prions
Bloom, Kerry
University of North Carolina

Blumer, Kendall J.
Washington University School of Medicine
G proteins, cell polarity, endocytosis, pheromone, receptor, MOT3
Bochman, Matthew
Indiana University

Boeke, Jef D.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

RNA processing, rDNA, retrotransposon, silencing, tRNA, Ty1, HST3, HST4, IRS4, LRS4
Boer, Viktor
Boergel, Daniel
Boles, Eckhard
Institut fuer Molekulare Biowissenschaften

biotechnology, glucose uptake, glycolysis, heterologous expression, pentose fermentation, hexose uptake, membrane transport, biomass-to-ethanol, HXT7
Bonaldo, Paolo
Bond, Ursula
Trinity College Dublin

antimicrobial peptides, bioenergy, industrial yeasts, bioengineering, genome organisation, biomass degradation, histone mRNA, HTB1, RRP6, SEN1
Bonds, Wesley
Western Carolina University
expression, glycolysis, metabolism
Bonifacino, Juan S.

clathrin, vacuole, Golgi complex, Adaptor protein complexes, Sorting Signals, Endosomes, Lysosomes, GGAs, LOA1, VPS61, VPS62, VPS63, VPS64, VPS65, VPS68, VPS69, VPS70, VPS71, VPS72, VPS73, VPS74, VPS75
Bonnefoy, Nathalie

COX2 translation, ballistic transformation, complex assembly, cytochrome c oxidase, mitochondria, OMS1
Boone, Charlie
University of Toronto

Boonstra, Johannes
Borde, Valerie
Institut Curie - UMR218

Borner, G. Valentin
Cleveland State University

Borokhov, Olga
US Borax Inc.

ethanol, fermentation, physiology, antifungal compounds, xylose, bioconverson
Bosch Ibanez, Daniel
Chalmers University of technology
glucose repression, sugar sensing
Boscheron, Cecile
CEA Grenoble

cancer, microtubules, Post -traductional modification
Botstein, David
Princeton University

cytoskeleton, microarrays, Genome-wide Expression, development and maintenance of genome databases, metabolic homeostasis, actin
Boucher, Lorrie
Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute

Boucherie, Helian
2D gel electrophoresis
Bourbonnais, Yves
University Laval

Bowers, Katherine
University College London

Brčić-Kostić, Krunoslav
Brachat, Sophie
(Other last name: Lemire)
Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

Brandriss, Marjorie C.
UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School
nitrogen regulation, proline utilization, transcriptional activation, PRO1, PRO2, PRO3, PUT1, PUT2, PUT3, PUT4
Brands, Alex
Lehigh University

osmotic stress, salt stress, cohesion, ECO1, SEY1, YOP1
Brandt, Anders
Bratko, Ivan
Braun, Edward L.
University of Florida

Braus, Gerhard H
Georg-August Univ

protein stability, FLO genes, adhesion, GCN4, general control, ubiquitin like proteins
Brazma, Alvis
Breeden, Linda L.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Breitenbach, Michael
University of Salzburg
Brendel, Martin
Brenner, Charles
University of Iowa
CDC123, DCS1, DCS2, DMA1, DMA2, HNT1, HNT2, HNT3, MEU1, NIT1, NIT2, NIT3, NRK1, PNP1, QNS1, URH1
Brennwald, Patrick J.
University of North Carolina

Rab, SNARE, exocytosis, vesicle transport, SRO7, SRO77
Brent, Michael
Washington University

functional genomics, Mathematical modeling, systems biology, Quantitative models of gene regulation, Glucose response, Regulation of glucose transporters, HXT1, HXT2, HXT3, HXT4, MIG1, MIG2, MTH1, RGT1, RGT2, SNF1, SNF3, STD1
Brent, Roger
Fred Hutch

Bretscher, Anthony
Cornell University

polarity, secretion, formins, membrane transport, Myosin-V, Tropomyosins, actin, BNI1, BNR1, MYO2, TPM1, TPM2
Brett, Christopher
Concordia University

endocytosis, ion transport, protein degradation, membrane fusion, pH homeostasis, Na+/H+ exchange, GYP6, GYP7, NHX1, VPS21, YPT7
Breunig, Karin D.
University of Halle

Kluyveromyces, glucose repression, GAL genes, SNF1
Brewer, Bonita J.
University of Washington
Brickner, Jason
Northwestern University

homotypic membrane fusion, UPR, DNA localization, INO1, INO2, INO4, KEX2, OPI1, RAV1, SCS2, VPS13
Brill, Steven J.
Rutgers University

Briza, Peter
Institute for Genetics & Gen. Biology

spore wall biosynthesis, dityrosine, CTS2, DTR1
Broach, James
Princeton University

Brodsky, Jeffrey L.
University of Pittsburgh

BiP, chaperones, degradation, endoplasmic reticulum, protein degradation, protein transport, secretion, Hsp70, HSP90, PFF1
Brouwer, Jaap
Brow, David A.
Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison

RNA, spliceosome, splicing, transcription, PRP8, NRD1, SEN1, Pol II, PRP24, U6, IMD2, NRD1, PRP24, PRP8, RPB11, RPB3, SEN1, SNR13, SNR14, SNR6, SNR65, SSU72
Brown, Grant W.
University of Toronto

DNA repair, DNA replication, checkpoint, genome stability, genomics, DNA damage response, ELG1, MMS1, MMS22, MTE1, PGA2, PGA3, RMI1, RTT107, SLX4
Brown, Jeremy D.
Univ of Newcastle

protein targeting, protein translocation, ribonucleoprotein
Brown, Martin
Stanford University

DNA repair, genomics, expression profiling, Genomic instability
Brown, Pat
Stanford University
Brul, Stanley
University of Amsterdam

Bruschi, Carlo V.
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
2 micron plasmid, gene targeting, yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, genome dynamics, chromosome stability and loss, aneuploidy, mitotic DNA recombination, GCRs, chromosome translocation, BPT1
Brush, George S.
Karmanos Cancer Institute, Wayne State University

Bryk, Mary
Texas A&M University

Ty1 retrotransposon, gene silencing, histones, retrotransposition, ribosomal DNA, histone methylation
Buchberger, Alexander
Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry
Buchler, Nicolas
Duke University

Buck, Greg
Bugnicourt, Amandine
Buhler, Cyril
National Cancer Institute
ChIP-chip approaches, DNA double strand breaks
Bulyk, Martha
Brigham & Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School

microarrays, protein-DNA interactions, transcription factors, transcription factor binding sites, VHR2
Buntz, Jennifer
Buratowski, Steve
Harvard Medical School

RNA polymerase II, TFIID, TFIIE, TFIIF, TFIIH, gene expression, mRNA capping, transcription, TFIIB, BDF2, CTL1, TAF10, TAF11, TAF12, TAF13, TAF7, TAF9
Bureik, Matthias S.
University of the Saarland

fission yeast, p450, steroid hormone, S. pombe, CYP11B1, ferredoxin, cortisol, Schizosaccharomyces, ETP1, aldosterone
Burgers, Peter M. J.
Washington University School of Medicine

Burgess, Sean Marie
University of California, Davis

homologous chromosome pairing, chromosome organization, meiosis
Burhans, William C.
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
DNA damage and cell cycle checkpoints, DNA replication origins, initiation of DNA replication, intra-S-phase checkpoints
Burke, Dan
University of Virginia Medical Center

Burke, Patricia V.
University of Illinois

cytochrome c oxidase, oxygen
Bush, Ashley
Bussey, Howard
McGill University

ALG12, ARG7, ATG32, DFG16, ECM1, ECM10, ECM11, ECM12, ECM13, ECM14, ECM15, ECM16, ECM18, ECM19, ECM2, ECM21, ECM22, ECM23, ECM25, ECM27, ECM29, ECM3, ECM30, ECM31, ECM32, ECM33, ECM34, ECM38, ECM4, ECM5, ECM7, ECM8, ECM9, GSF2, HCA4, HHO1, LAG2, MET5, PAN3, SKI6
Butler, J. Scott
University of Rochester School of Medicine
Polyadenylation, RNA processing, mRNA stability, poly(A), rRNA processing, translation, exosome, nuclear mRNA decay, RRP6
Buzzini, Pietro
Dept. of Applied Biology & Industrial Yeasts Collection DBVPG, University of Perugia

yeast physiology, Yeast taxonomy, Psychrophilic yeasts
Byers, Breck E.
University of Washington

Bystricky, Kerstin
(Other last name: Weiss)
University of Toulouse

Bystrom, Anders
University of Umea


ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Cairns, Bradley R.
Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah

Nucleosome, RNA polymerase II, SWI/SNF, chromatin, histones, remodeling, transcription, RSC, leukemia, RSC1, RSC2, RSC3, RSC30, RSC4, RSC6, RSC8, SNF12, YAF9
Caizergues-Ferrer, Michele
Institut de Biologie et de Genetique Cellulaire du CNRS
RNA-protein interaction, exonuclease, nucleolar protein, protein-protein interactions, rRNA modification, ribosome biogenesis, snoRNP, endonuclease, RIO2, SNR72, SNR73, SNR74, SNR75, SNR76, SNR77, SNR78, SNR79
Calderon, Isabel L.
University of Sevilla
threonine, HOM3
Calvo, Olga
CSIC / Universidad de Salamanca

Camadro, Jean-Michel
Institut Jacques Monod

iron, mitochondria, oxygen, proteomics, heme, transcription factors, frataxin
Cambon, Gaston
Campbell, Judith L.
California Institute of Technology

DNA helicase, DNA polymerase, DNA repair, DNA replication, G1/S transition, S/M Checkpoint, Sister chromatid cohesion, telomeres
Cannon, John F.
University of Missouri

Protein kinase, cell division, protein phosphatase, ras
Canovas, F. M.
Caramelo, Julio J.
Carbon, John A.
University of California, Santa Barbara
centromere, checkpoint, chromosome segregation, kinetochores, microtubules, mitosis, mitotic spindle, molecular motors
Cardenas, Maria Elena
Duke University

Cardinali, Gianluigi
University of Perugia

Carignani, Giovanna
University of Padova
Carlson, Marian
Columbia University

Carman, George M.
Rutgers University

enzyme regulation, phosphorylation, membrane phospholipids, lipid signaling, APP1, DPP1, EKI1, LPP1, PAH1
Carro, David
Instituto de Biologia Molecular de Barcelona - Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas
brewing, wine
Cartwright, Iain
Casal, Margarida
University of Minho

Plasma membrane transport, ADY2, JEN1, ROD1
Casamayor, Antonio
Univ. Autonoma Barcelona

Casaregola, Serge
Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique

biodiversity, evolution, molecular taxonomy
Cashikar, Anil
Institute for Molecular Medicine and Genetics
prions, Protein disaggregation, Protein aggregation
Castilho, Beatriz A.
Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo
Cate, Jamie
Catling, Andrew D.
Caudy, Amy
Princeton University
metabolism, mitochondria, OXP1
Causton, Helen
Columbia University

Respiratory oscillation, Evolutionary origins of rhythms, Rhythm
Cavalieri, Duccio
Chakraborty, Kausik
Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology

UPR, Redox homeostasis, Chemical Chaperones
Chambers, Alistair
University of Nottingham

Chambers, Paul J.
Australian Wine Research Institute

Chandrasekharan, Mahesh B.
University of Utah
chromatin, transcription, epigenetics, histone methylation, Histone ubiquitination
Chanfreau, Guillaume
University of California, Los Angeles

Chang, Amy
University of Michigan

Chang, Michael
European Research Institute for the Biology of Ageing (ERIBA)

DNA replication, telomerase, telomeres, DNA damage response, genome integrity
Chang, Tien-Hsien
The Ohio State University
DEAD box proteins, RNA export, RNA unwindase, protein synthesis, translation, RNA helicase
Chang, Ya-Wen
National Taiwan University

Chang, Yie-Hwa
St. Louis University School of Medicine

protein degradation, protein synthesis, proteomics, methionine aminopeptidase
Charbonneau, Michel
Charette, J. Michael
Brandon University

cancer, evolution, ribosome assembly, ribosome biogenesis, ribosomopathy, EMG1, EMG1, NOP19
Charlesworth, Deborah
Charvin, Gilles
(Other last name: Charvin)
ENS Lyon

Chavez, Sebastian
(Other last name: de Diego)
Universidad de Sevilla

Chen, Mingzhong
Medimmune, Inc.
Chen, Xin Jie
SUNY Upstate Medical University

calcium, mitochondria, mtDNA, membrane, mitochondrial carrier, nucleoids
Cheng, Mingyuan
National Yang-Ming University

Cheng, Soo-Chen
Academia Sinica; Institute of Molecular Biology

pre-mRNA splicing, protein complex, yeast, NTC20, NTR2, SNT309
Chernoff, Yury O.
Georgia Institute of Technology
Saccharomyces, SUP35, aggregation, cytoskeleton, evolution, prion, protein biosynthesis, polyglutamine, prions, chaperone, species barrier
Cherny, Robert
Cherry, J. Michael
Stanford University

Gene Ontology, Comparative genomics, model organism database
Chinault, A. Craig
Choder, Mordechai (Motti)
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

RNA polymerase II, mRNA synthesis, export, translation & decay, Synthegradases, Processomics, mRNA coordinators, DCP1, DCP2, DHH1, LSM1, PAT1, RAP1, RPB4, RPB7, SFP1, XRN1
Choi, Jae H.
Thermo Scientific

Chothia, Cyrus
Chovanec, Miroslav
Cancer Research Institute

homologous recombination, oxidative stress, DNA double-strand break repair, Interstrand cross-link repair, DNA non-homologous end-joining, PSO2, RAD52, YKU70
Christenson, Matthew Kendall
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Christman, Michael
Boston University Med. Center
DNA polymerase, DNA repair, topoisomerase, TRF4 gene family, Sister chromatid cohesion
Chua, Gordon
University of Toronto
Chukeatirote, Ekachai
Mae Fah Luang University

Church, George
Cid, Victor J.
Complutense University

heterologous expression, morphogenesis, MAPK, model organism
Clancy, Mary J.
University of New Orleans

Clark, David J.
Clark-Walker, G. Desmond
Australian National University

Petite Mutation, F1-ATPase Mutants, Suppression of Rho-Zero Lethality, MGM101
Clarke, Catherine
University of California, Los Angeles

antioxidant, coenzyme Q, lipid autoxidation, mitochondrial electron transport, plasma membrane electron transport, ubiquinone, COQ11
Clarke, Duncan
University of Minnesota
DNA replication, chromosome condensation, chromosome segregation, proteolysis, topoisomerase II, checkpoint control, PDS1, UBA domain, ubiquitin
Clarke, Steven

methylation, protein repair, protein damage, RKM1, RKM2, RKM3, RKM5, RMT2, SFM1, TMT1, TRM12, TRM9
Clasquin, Michelle
Princeton University
Cleves, Ann
BioPharmics LLC

small molecule drug discovery
Cliften, Paul
Washington University

Clotet, Josep
Universitat Internacional de Catalunya

CDK, cyclin, Protein Phosphorilation, Nutrients, CLN3, DMA1, DMA2, PCL1, PHO85
Coelho, Paulo S. R.
Yale Univ
Coffino, Philip
University of California, San Francisco

ATPase, proteasome, proteolysis, ornithine decarboxylase, polyamines
Cohen, Patricia T. W.
Dundee University

Cohen-Fix, Orna

Cohn, Marita L.
Lund University

telomerase, telomere, Saccharomyces castellii, CDC13, RAP1
Cole, Charles N.
Dartmouth Medical School

nucleocytoplasmic transport, RNA export, heat shock, hnRNPs, importin, nuclear pore complex, nucleoporin, ribonucleoprotein, micro RNAs, RNA helicase, DBP5, GFD1, GFD2, NUP159, RAT1
Cole, Michael D.
Coller, Jeff
Case Western Reserve University

Collins, Sinead
Colman-Lerner, Alejandro
Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires

pheromone, noise, asymmetric expression, modeling, single cells, ACE2, CBK1, DSE1, DSE2, DSE3, DSE4, STE5
Conibear, Elizabeth
Conlan, Steve
University of Wales Swansea

repression, transcription
Connerly, Pamela
Indiana University Southeast

Cook, Malcolm
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Cooper, Antony A.
Garvan Institute of Medical Research

ERAD, degradation, endoplasmic reticulum, quality control, ERQC, VPH1
Cooper, John A.
Washington University Medical School
Cooper, Katrina F.

Cooper, Terrance G.
The University of Tennessee, Memphis

Copeland, W.C.
Corbacho, Isaac
University of Extremadura

BUD32, COG1, ELM1, ERD1, GON7, LDB16, LDB17, LDB18, LDB19, LDB7, MNN2, OCH1, PHO85, PMR1, SPC72, THO2, VAN1, VMA9, VRG4
Corbett, Anita
Emory University

RNA export, Ran, protein import, nuclear pore, SDS24
Cordero, Ricardo R.
(Other last name: Otero)
University Rovira i Virgili

Cormack, Brendan
Cornelissen, Ben
Correa Garcia, Susana Raquel
Univ Buenos Aires

Corte-Real, Maria Manuela
Universidade do Minho
Costa, Vitor
Universidade do Porto

Cote, Jacques
Laval University

SWI/SNF, chromatin remodeling, histones, transcription, epigenetics, NuA4, acetyltransferase, EAF3, EAF5, EAF6, EAF7, EPL1
Coulombe, Benoit
Institut de recherches cliniques de Montreal (IRCM)

Court, Deborah A.
University of Manitoba
DNA replication, mitochondria, porin, VDAC, ADE2, HIS3, MIP1, POR1, TOM71
Covarrubias, Alejandra
Covo, Shay
Cowan, Nicholas
NYU Medical Center
Cox, Brian
University of Kent
prion, prions, chaperone
Cox, Marc B.
University of Texas at El Paso

steroid hormone receptor, heat shock protein, immunophilin, FKBP52, CNS1, CPR7, HSC82, HSP82, PPT1, SBA1, SSA1, STI1
Cozzarelli, Nicholas
Craven, Rolf J.
University of Kentucky

cytochrome P450, sterol, DAP1p, MMS, DAP1
Creutz, Carl
University of Virginia

c2 domains, calcium-dependent, membrane-binding proteins, tricalbins, TCB1, TCB2, TCB3
Cronin, Sister Susan J.
Immaculata University

Cross, Fred
Rockefeller University

Crouse, Gray F.
Emory University

Crouzet, Marc
Universite de Bordeaux II, UPR CNRS 9026
cell wall, morphogenesis
Cuif-Lordez, Marie Helene
Universite Paris Sud 11

Culbertson, Michael R.
University of Wisconsin

RNA processing, RNA turnover, frameshift suppression, nonsense-mediated mRNA decay, snoRNA, tRNA, nonsense mRNA, NMD
Cullen, Paul J.

filamentous growth, receptors, signal transduction, specificity, MAPK pathways, BUD14, BUD8, BUD9, CDC42, MSB2, SHO1, STE20
Cullin, Christophe
Universite Bordeaux 2

prion, amyloids
Culotta, Valeria C.
Johns Hopkins University

mitochondrial carrier protein, superoxidase dismutase 2, ATX2, MTM1
Cumsky, Michael

Cunningham, Kyle W.
Johns Hopkins University

Curcio, M. Joan
Wadsworth Center & Department of Biomedical Sciences, University at Albany School of Public Health

DNA repair, rDNA silencing, retrotransposon, signal transduction, transpositional dormancy, genome maintenance, telomere maintenance, Ty1
Cutler, N. Shane
University of Utah

Cyert, Martha S.
Stanford University

calcium, cell wall, nuclear transport, phosphorylation, stress, calmodulin, phosphatase, CMP2, CNA1, CNB1, CRZ1, FRT1, FRT2, VCX1

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
D'haeseleer, Patrik
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

gene network inference, gene networks, gene regulation, genetic network inference, genetic networks, reverse engineering
Dahlquist, Kam D.
Loyola Marymount University

Dahlseid, Jeffrey N.
Gustavus Adolphus College

Kinetochore, chromosome segregation, gene expression, kinetochore, mRNA decay, CTF13, EST1, EST2, EST3, NAM7, NMD2, STN1, TEN1, UPF3
Dai-Wen, Pang
Daignan-Fornier, Bertrand

Damelin, Marc
Harvard University

Danchin, Antoine
ICM, Hopital de la Pitie-Salpetriere

sulfur metabolism, Methionine salvage, Evolution of carbon dioxide fixation, RNA degradation, Adenylyl cyclases, Uridylate kinase, Origin of life, Synthetic biology, ADI1, CYR1, MEU1, REX2, YFH1
Daran, Jean-Marc
TU Delft

Das, Arabinda

Das, Biswadip
Jadavpur University

mRNA Decay in Nucleus, DRN, CBC1, RRP6, RRP6
Daugherty, Jon
U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Daum, Guenther
Graz University of Technology

lipid particles, lipid transport, lipids, mitochondria, phospholipid, plasma membrane, sterol, AYR1, DGA1, TGL3, TGL4, TGL5, YEH2
David, Sinclair
Davidow, Lance S.
Harvard University

Davidson, Andrew
Davierwala, Armaity
Persistent Systems Private Limited

Davies, Julia
Davis, Cynthia R.
Roberts Wesleyan College

Davis, Dana
Davis, Ronald W.
Stanford Genome Technology Center
Davis, Trisha N.
University of Washington

cytoskeleton, spindle pole body, microtubule, calmodulin, CMD1, MLC1
Dawes, Ian W.
University of New South Wales

oxidative stress, sporulation, transcriptional regulation, glycine cleavage, core spliceosomal genes, maltose, maltotriose
Dawson, Dean
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

centromere, chromosome pairing, distributive segregation, recombination, meiosis, SLK19, MAD3
De Benedetti, Arrigo
de Bont, Jan
De Groot, Piet
Swammerdam Inst. Life Sciences, Univ. Amsterdam
de la Cruz, Jesus
University of Seville

ribosome, RNA helicase, DBP6, DBP7, DBP9, HAS1, RSA3, SPB1, SPB4, URB1, URB2
De Virgilio, Claudio
University of Fribourg

PKA, growth control, nutrient signalling, ORC1, EGO complex, GTR2, IGO1, IGO2, MEH1, RIM15, SLM4
de Winde, Johannes H.
DSM Lifesciences
De Wulf, Peter
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dean, Neta
Stony Brook University

Golgi, cell wall biogenesis, endoplasmic reticulum, glycosylation, glycosyltransferase, nucleotide sugar transport, protein trafficking, mannosylation, ALG11, ALG13, ALG14, ANP1, ERD1, HOC1, HUT1, HVG1, MEH1, MNN10, OST4, VRG4, YEA4
Decatur, Wayne
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

nucleolus, snoRNA
Defossez, Pierre
Institut Curie
chromatin, histones, silencing, transcription, Insulators
Deininger, Prescott
Dekker, Job
University of Massachusetts Medical School

chromatin structure, Chromosome Conformation Capture
Delneri, Daniela
Delvaux, Freddy R.
DeMarini, Doug
Deminoff, Stephen J.
The Ohio State University
Protein phosphorylation, cAMP-dependent protein kinase, cell growth, signal transduction, stationary phase
den Dulk, Ben
Leiden Institute of Chemistry
RAD33, RAD34
Denis, Clyde L.
University of New Hampshire
CAF120, CAF130, CAF16, CAF4, CAF40, NGL1, NGL2, NGL3, SPO20
Dennis, Edward A.
Dequin, Sylvie
INRA Montpellier

wine yeasts, Comparative genomics, sugar transport, carbon and redox metabolism, system biology, genotype-phenotype links, lab evolution, bases of adaptation, nitrogen and aroma metabolism, ethanol yield
Derkatch, Irina L.
New York University
SUP35, prion, [PSI+], [PIN+], translational suppressor, nonsense suppression, translation termination factor, eRF3, SUP45, PIN2, PIN3, PIN4
Deschenes, Robert J.
Medical College of Wisconsin

protein trafficking, ras, posttranslation modification, protein palmitoyl transferase, protein prenylation, tyrosine phosphatases, ERF2
Deshaies, Ray
California Institute of Technology/HHMI

Devenish, Rodney J.
Monash University

Dever, Thomas E.
National Institutes of Health

gcn/gcd genes, kinase, phosphorylation, protein synthesis, translation, translational regulation, HYP2/TIF51A, FUN12
Devine, Scott E.
Institute for Genome Sciences

functional genomics, integration, tRNA genes, Ty1
di Rago, Jean-Paul
Institut de Biochimie et Ginitique Cellulaires du CNRS

Dichtl, Bernhard
University of Zurich
Dickinson, J. Richard
Cardiff University
'Fusel' alcohol, SNF1-related protein kinase, branched-chain amino acid, decarboxylases, metabolism, nuclear magnetic resonance, pseudohyphae, filamentation
Dickson, Robert C.
University of Kentucky College of Medicine

sphingolipids, AUR1, IPT1, LCB1, LCB2, LCB3, LCB4, LCB5, LSP1, PIL1, SLC1
DiComo, Charles J.
Eurofins Medinet

machine learning, molecular genetics, p53 Gene Family, TAP42, Prognostic/Diagnostic Testing, Biomarkers Profiling, p63, p73, Machine Vision, Drosophila p53, Systems Pathology, BCK2, SAP155, SAP185, SAP190, SIS2, TAP42
Diderich, Jasper A.

HXT, fermentation, glucose repression, transcriptional regulation, hexose transport, Penicillium, brewers yeast
Didier, Job
Dieckmann, Carol
University of Arizona

RNA processing, RNA turnover, RNA-protein interaction, eyespot assembly, mitochondria, peroxisome biogenesis
Diezmann, Stephanie
University of Bath

Diffley, John
Cancer Research UK
Dimster-Denk, Dago F.
Taxon Biosciences, Inc.
Dinman, Jonathan D.
University of Maryland

RNA, drugs, fidelity, ribosome, translation, virus, yeast, pokeweed antiviral protein, frameshifting, RPL3
Dion, Michael F.
Harvard University, FAS Center for Systems Biology

Dirks, Peter
Divies, Charles
Dixit, Bharat
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Gene Transcription and expression, SPT15
Djinovic-Carugo, Kristina
Dobberstein, Bernhard
Doherty, Hugh
Dohlman, Henrik G.
University of North Carolina

phosphorylation, ubiquitination, modeling, desensitization, GPA1, SST2, ASC1, FUS3, GET3, GPA1, KSS1, RSP5, SST2, STE18, STE4, STE5, STE7, VPS15, VPS34
Dohmen, Jurgen
Dohmen, R. Juergen
University of Cologne

proteasome, SUMO, polyamines, ubiquitin, AOS1, OAZ1, SLX5, UBA2, ULP2, ULS1, UMP1
Doignon, Francois
Laboratoire de Biogenese Membranaire, UMR-CNRS 5200, Universite de BORDEAUX

lipids, morphogenesis, signal transduction, membrane, Rho proteins, RhoGAP, CDC42, CST26, MID2, RGD1, RGD2, RHO3, RHO4, SLG1
Dolan, Joseph W.
Nashville State
morphogenesis, sporulation, lipid mediated signaling, pheromone response, phospholipase D1
Donaldson, Anne
University of Aberdeen

Donati, Claudio
Donze, David
Louisiana State University

chromatin, silencing, transcription, boundaries, BRF1, REB1, TFC1, TFC3, TFC6
Dotiwala, Farokh
Brandeis University

Dowell, Robin
University of Colorado

Dowhan, William
University of Texas Medical School
cardiolipin, chaperones, lipid trafficking, mitochondria, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylserine, phospholipid, protein translocation
Dowhan, William D.
Doye, Valerie
Dranginis, Anne M.
St. John's University
Dratz, Edward A.
Dresser, Michael E.
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation
chromosome, disjunction, pairing, recombination, repair, segregation, synapsis, synaptonemal complex, telomere, RDH54
Drubin, David
University of California, Berkeley

cell polarity, tubulin, actin
Drummond, Allan
Dubois, Evelyne M.
IRMW - Institut de Recherches Microbiologiques J.M. Wiame

Dubourdieu, Denis
Dudley, Aimee M.
Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute

systems biology, Biofilm formation, technology development, Systems Genetics, Complex Trait Analysis,
Duina, Andrea A.
Hendrix College

chromatin, transcription, HHF2, HHT2, SPT16
Dujon, Bernard
Institut Pasteur

Duncan, Mara C.
University of Michigan

Dunham, Maitreya
University of Washington

genomics, aneuploidy, chemostat, experimental evolution, hybrids, S. uvarum
Dunn, Cory D.
Koc University

mitochondria, mitochondrial DNA, signaling, petite-negative, 21S_RRNA, CCT6, ICY1, MGR1, MGR2, MGR3, PBP1, PDR1, PDR3, PEP12, PPH21, PPH22, SIT4, SNF1, TIM18, TIP41, TOM70, VMA13, VMA2, VPS16
Dupont, Bertrand
Durocher, Daniel
Mount Sinai Hospital

Duszenko, M.
Dutta, Anindya
University of Virginia Medical School

DNA replication, chromatin remodeling
Dwight, Selina S.
Stanford University

Dziembowski, Andrzej
Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, PAS


ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Earles, Vicki
University of Toronto

Eckhert, Curt

Edgington, Nicholas P.
Southern Connecticut State University

cyclin, kinase, replication, signal transduction
Ehrenhofer-Murray, Ann E.
University of Duisburg-Essen

silencing, epigenetics, histone modifications, SAS2
Ehrlich, Garth
Allegheny Singer Research Institute
Comparative genomics, Streptococcus pneumoniae, bacterial plurailty, population based virulence, microbial ecology, distributed genome hypothesis, bacterial pathogenesis, Haemophilus influenzae, whole genome sequencing, microbiomes
Eide, David J.
University of Wisconsin-Madison

endocytosis, iron, protein stability, transcriptional regulation, zinc, COT1, FET4, FET5, MSC2, ZAP1, ZRC1, ZRG17, ZRT1, ZRT2, ZRT3
Elbing, Karin
(Other last name: Otterstedt)
Goteborg University
Elder, Robert T.
University of Chicago
Eleutherio, Elis
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

ethanol, metabolic engineering, oxidative stress, cadmium, pentose
Elion, Elaine
Harvard Medical School

Emili, Andrew
Endo, Toshiya
Nagoya University

Engebrecht, JoAnne
UC, Davis

Epstein, Charles B.
sanofi aventis
microarrays, CLB5, PDH1
Erdeniz, Naz
Erdman, Scott E.
Syracuse University

FIG1, FIG2, FIG4, KAR5, PXL1, , ,
Erdmann, Ralf
Ericsson, Avi
Gothenburg University
Errede, Beverly J.
University of North Carolina

Esch, R. Keith
Research Triangle Institute

Escher, Dominik
ESBATech, Inc.
gene regulation, lead compound identification, target gene identification, single chain antibody
Eshel, Dan
The City University of New York, Brooklyn College

chromosome segregation, microtubules, motor proteins, MAPK pathways
Esposito, Rochelle E.
(Other last name: Easton)
University of Chicago

meiosis, chromosome behavior, spore development
Esser, Karlheinz
multiBIND biotec GmbH

Evans, Leslie
Delta Biotechnology, Ltd.

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Fabre, Emmanuelle

Fabre, Francis
CEA de Fontenay-aux-roses
Fabrizio, Patrizia
Max-Plank-Institute of Biophysical Chemistry

pre-mRNA splicing, snRNP, spliceosome, AAR2, CWC25, IST3, PRP2, SNU114
Faergeman, Nils
University of Southern Denmark

Fagnani, Matthew
University of Toronto

Falcone, Claudio
University of Rome - La Sapienza

Kluyveromyces lactis, apoptosis, mitochondrial biogenesis, regulation of gene expression, sugar metabolism, heterologous proteins expression, respiration and fermenation
Fan, Jason
Williams College
Fanara, Patrizia
Kinemed Inc.
Fang, Jianwen
University of Kansas
Fangman, Walton L.
University of Washington

Farabaugh, Philip J.
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Ty element, programmed translational frameshifting, translational control, translational accuracy
Farkas, Johannes

Farris, Giovanni A.
Fasullo, Michael T.
State University of New York Polytechnic University

DNA damage-inducible genes, DNA rearrangement, checkpoint genes, signal transduction
Fatica, Alessandro
University of Rome "La Sapienza"

RRP14, RRP15
Fedoroff, Nina
Feng, Wenyi
SUNY Upstate Medical University

chromosome breakage, origins of replication, single stranded DNA
Ferea, Tracy
Phoenix Improving Life LLC

Fernandes, Helder
IBGC/CNRS university Bordeaux2
signal transduction, post traductional regulation, Rho proteins, Acidic stress, MID2, RGD1, RHO3, RHO4, SLG1
Fernandes, Lisete
Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciencia

cytoskeleton, oxidative stress, signaling, transcription, drug resistance
Ferrer, Pau
Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona

Pichia pastoris, carbon metabolism, heterologous protein production
Feuermann, Marc
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Feuillat, Michel
Fichtner, Lars
Martin-Luther Universitat Halle
Fields, Stan
University of Washington

Filetici, Patrizia
Universita La Sapienza

Kinetochore, centromere, chromatin, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, HAT inhibitors, epidrugs, GCN5
Fink, Gerald R.
Whitehead Institution for Biomedical Research

Finley, Russ
Wayne State University School of Medicine

two-hybrid, protein networks, Drosophila
Finnigan, Gregory
Kansas State University

cytoskeleton, septin
Fischer von Mollard, Gabriele
Universitaet Bielefeld

Fishel, Richard
Ohio State University

Fisk, Harold A.
The Ohio State University

centrosome, MPS1
Fitzgerald-Hayes, Molly
University of Massachusetts at Amherst

CEN DNA I,II,III, CENP-A, Kinetochore, centromere, CSE4
Fizikova, Anastasia
Saint Petersburg State University, The Lab of Biochemical Genetics

Flick, Jeff S.
Myriad Genetics
Florez, Jose C.
Foiani, Marco
Universita Di Milano
Fong, Noel M.

gene expression, metabolic engineering, Fermentation Scale-Up, strain engineering
Foreman, Pamela

Formosa, Tim

Forsburg, Susan L.
University of Southern California

DNA replication, chromatin, chromosome, fission yeast, mitosis, recombination, meiosis, S. pombe, MCM protein
Forte, Michael
Oregon Health Sciences University

Fox, Catherine Anne
University of Wisconsin-Madison

DNA replication, ORC, chromatin, silencing, transcription, Forkhead, Origins, SIR1, FKH2, FKH1, FDO1
Fox, Thomas D.
Cornell University

RNA-protein interaction, mitochondria, mitochondrial genetics, translational control, membrane targeting, COX1, COX18, COX2, COX3, HFI1, MRPL36, MSS2, MSS51, OXA1, PET111, PET122, PET309, PET494, PET54, PNT1, RSM28,
Francois, Jean M.
Laboratoire d'Ingenierie des Systemes Biologiques et Procedes, UMR-CNRS 5504 & INRA 792

bioinformatics, cell wall, glycolysis, metabolic engineering, trehalose, systems biology, interactomics, transcriptomics, purines metabolisms, glycogen, ADK1, AMD1, ATH1, CRZ1, GDB1, GPH1, GSY1, GSY2, ISN1, NTH1, NTH2, PKC1, SGA1, SLT2, SMI1, TOR1, TPS1, TPS2, UGP1
Francois, Jean M
Fraser, Hunter
Stanford University

Freddy, Delvaux
Fredriksson, Asa
Freudenreich, Catherine
Tufts University

triplet repeat, chromosome breakage, chromosome fragility, Trinucleotide repeat
Freyer, Greg
Fridman, Eyal
Hebrew University

QTL, Heterosis, Natural variation
Fridovich-Keil, Judith L.
(Other last name: Fridovich)
Emory University School of Medicine

UDP-galactose 4-epimerase, galactose-1-P uridylyltransferase, galactosemia, RNA binding proteins, human genetics, SCP160
Friedman, Katherine L.
Vanderbilt University

DNA replication, telomerase, telomere
Frommer, Wolf B
Carnegie Institution

Fromont-Racine, Micheline
Institut Pasteur, CNRS

ribosome, preribosomal factors, AFG2, ALB1, ARX1, CDC48, ECM1, JJJ1, NOG2, REI1, RKR1, RLP24, RQC1, RQC2
Frontali, Laura
University of Rome 'La Sapienza

Frydman, Judith
Fuchs, Robert P. P.
Fuchs, Stephen
Tufts University

acetylation, chromatin, histones, methylation, transcription elongation, post-translational modifications
Fujimura-Kamada, Konomi
Hokkaido University Institute for Genetic Medicine

cell polarity, cytoskeleton, phospholipid, protein trafficking, actin, CDC50
Fuller, Robert S.
University of Michigan Medical Center

Golgi, proteases, vesicular transport, Endosomes, SNARE proteins, KEX2, yapsins, TGN, vacuolar protein sorting, Posttranslational processing
Futcher, A. Bruce
Stony Brook (State University of New York)
Futerman, Anthony H.

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Gaber, Richard F.
Northwestern University

glucose transport, molecular chaperones, transcription, TPR proteins, nutrient sensing, co-chaperones, CNS1
Gabriel, Kip
Monash University
Gadal, Olivier

ribosome biogenesis, transcriptional regulation, RNA surveillance, nuclear architecture, HMO1, RPA34, RPA49
Gadura, Nidhi
Queensborough Community College, CUNY

Gaillardin, Claude G.
Inst. National Agronomique

RIM20, RIM21
Galan, Jean-Marc
endocytosis, recycling, ubiquitin
Galibert, Francis

Gallagher, Jennifer E.G.
West Virginia University

ENP2, NOC4, UTP18, UTP20, UTP21, UTP22
Galli, Alvaro
CNR, Insitute of Clinical Physiology, Genome Technology Lab

Game, John C.
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

RAD genes. Radiation. Recombination. Epistasis groups., RAD61
Ganesan, K
Ganesan, K.
Institute of Microbial Technology

Ganusova, Elena
Gao, Yonggang
Beijing Normal University

Gardner, Kevin
Gardner, Richard G.
University of Washington

chromatin, degradation, proteasome, proteomics, quality control, silencing, ubiquitin, SAN1, UBP10, ULS1
Garfinkel, David J.
University of Georgia

Ty element, genome stability, retrotransposon, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, RNA metabolism, RNA interference
Garrett, Stephen
UMDNJ - New Jersey Medical School

Gartenberg, Marc
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

chromatin, heterochromatin, silencing, site-specific recombination, Sister chromatid cohesion, tRNA gene expression
Gartner, Jutta
Gasch, Audrey P.
University of Wisconsin - Madison

Gasior, Stephen Lawrence
Tulane Cancer Center
genetic instability, retrotransposons, double-strand breaks
Gasser, Susan M.
Friedrich Miescher Institute

chromatin, replication, transcriptional silencing, time lapse microscopy, checkpoints, nuclear organization, live imaging, ESC1, RAP1, SGS1, SIR1, SIR2, SIR3, SIR4, TOP3
Geiser, John R.
Western Michigan University

Motors, PAC, dynein
George, Mekha
Vanderbilt University

Gerald, William
Gerber, Andre
ETH Zurich
DNA microarrays, systems biology, RNA-binding proteins, posttranscriptional gene regulation, JSN1, MPT5, PUF2, PUF3, PUF4, SHE2, TAD1, TAD2, TAD3
Gerton, Jennifer
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
Kinetochore, centromere, chromosome segregation, recombination, meiosis, cohesion
Gharakhanian, Editte
California State University at Long Beach

ENV10, ENV11, ENV7, ENV9, HHY1
Gheber, Leah (Larisa)
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

cytoskeleton, kinesin, mitosis, motor proteins, phosphorylation, spindle, microtubule, FRAP, midzone, cell-cycle, CIN8, KIP1
Ghosh, Anil
Ghosh, Gourisankar
Ghosh, Santanu
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Kinetochore, mitosis, meiosis
Giaever, Guri Nina
University of Toronto
Giannattasio, Sergio
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto di Biomembrane e Bioenergetica

cytochrome c, mitochondria, protein translocation, stress response, programmed cell death, metacaspase, retrograde pathway, monogenic disease, CYC1, CYC7, LST8, MCA1, RTG1, RTG2, RTG3
Gibbons, Ian
University of California Berkeley

Gietz, R. Daniel
University of Manitoba
DNA transformation, RAD 7, 16, and SIR genes, YXplac vectors, chromatin structure, global genome repair, inverted gene cassettes, modified two-hybrid system, nucleotide excision repair
Gilson, Eric
Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon
chromosome, nucleus, recombination, silencing, telomere, transcription
Giovanni, Dall'Olio
Bologna University

Giroux, Craig N.
Wayne State University
Gitler, Aaron D.
Stanford University

protein folding, high-throughput screening, neurodegenerative diseases, PBP1, YPK9
Gjuracic, Kresimir
Acies Bio Ltd.
homologous recombination, illegitimate recombination, nonhomologous recombination, yeast, gene-targeting
Gladfelter, Amy
Dartmouth College

cytoskeleton, mitosis, filamentous fungi, septins, Ashbya gossypii
gladyshev, vadim
Glass, N. Louise
Glassbrook, Norm
NC State University
Gleason, Michael
Georgia College & State University

psi, kexin, furin, KEX2, SUP35
Gleizes, Piere-Emmanuel
Glick, Benjamin
University of Chicago

Glickman, Michael
The Technion

SCF, proteasome, protein degradation, MAPK, COP9 signalosome, CSN, ubiquitin, CSI1, CSN9, PCI8, RPN1, RPN10, RPN11, RPN12, RPN2, RPN3, RPN5, RPN6, RPN7, RPN8, RPN9, RPT1, RPT2, RPT3, RPT4, RPT5, RPT6, RRI2,
Goebl, Mark G.
Indiana University School of Medicine

SCF, cell division, ubiquitin, CDC34
Goffrini, Paola
University of Parma

Goldman, Alastair S. H.
The University of Sheffield

chromosome pairing, recombination, meiosis
Golemis, Erica A.
Fox Chase Cancer Center

two-hybrid, HEF1, NEDD9, Cas
Golik, Pawel
University of Warsaw

Gomez-Navarro, Natalia
Valencia university

Gonzalez, Alicia

Goode, Bruce L.
Brandeis University

Goodman, Anya L.
California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo

Goodman, Joel
UT Southwestern (Dallas)

peroxisome, lipid droplet, SEI1, ,
Gordon, Donna M.
Mississippi State University

mitochondria, protein targeting
Gorsich, Steven
Central Michigan University

cell death, ethanol, fermentation, mitochondria, stress, pentose phosphate pathway, bio-fuel, organelle dynamics, GND1, MGM1, RPE1, TAL1, TKL1, ZWF1
Gotte, Martin
Muenster University Hospital

PEP12, VAM3, VPS33
Gottschling, Daniel E.
Calico Life Sciences

Gould, Kathleen
HHMI and Vanderbilt University Medical School
CWC15, CWC2, CWC21, CWC22, CWC23, CWC24, CWC25, CWC27, DIB1, VIP1
Gourlay, Campbell
University of Kent

apoptosis, cAMP, cell death, mitochondria, ras, respiration, ROS, actin, VDAC
Graham, Todd
Vanderbilt University

ARF, clathrin, mannosyltransferases, protein transport, Golgi complex, DRS2, auxilin, CHC1, DNF1, DNF2, DNF3, DRS2, SWA2
Graille, Marc
CNRS University Paris XI
Gratzer, Sabine

Gray, Joseph V.
University of Glasgow

calcium, heat shock, PKC1, cell integrity pathway, HCS77, MPK1, AZC, misfolded proteins, MID2, actin
Grayhack, Elizabeth
University of Rochester

genomics, biochemical protein function, transcription regulation
Grbin, Paul R.
University of Adelaide

Green, Michael
Green, Rachel
Green, Susannah
Greenblatt, Jack
Univ. of Toronto

Greenleaf, Arno
Duke University Medical Center

CTD kinase, CTD phosphorylation, RNA polymerase II, gene expression, pre-mRNA processing
Greenwood, Michael T.
Royal Military College of Canada

apoptosis, copper, iron, reactive oxygen species, anti-apoptotosis, death, AUR1
Grenon, Muriel

DNA damage, Cell Cycle Checkpoints, S. cerevisiae
Grivell, Les A.
University of Amsterdam
cytochrome oxidase, functional genomics, mitochondria, respiratory chain, transcription, translation, mitochondrial diseases, LYS12
Grose, Julianne
Brigham Young University

metabolic regulation, cell signaling, glucose homeostasis, PAS kinase, PSK1, UGP1
Grote, Eric
Johns Hopkins University

mating, membrane fusion
Grove, Anne
Louisiana State University

Gruchalla, Katie
Grunstein, Michael
University of California, Los Angeles

histones, transcription, histone modification
Guan, Min-Xin
Zhejiang University School of Medicine

mitochondria, mutation, pathogenesis, rRNA, tRNA, transcription, translation, nucleotide modification, deafness, modifier genes
Guarente, Leonard
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Gupta, A.K.
Gupta, Anil
Gurvitz, Aner
formerly of the institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Cell Biology

Gustafsson, Lena
Gustin, Michael
Rice University

MAP kinase, osmosensing, transcriptional regulation, stress responses, defense mechanisms, calcium transport
Guthrie, Christine
University of California

DEAD box proteins, nucleocytoplasmic transport, RNA rearrangement, karyopherins, mRNA binding proteins, mRNA export, mRNA processing, nucleoporin, snRNA, snRNA export, snRNP biogenesis, spliceosome assembly
Gysler, Christof
Nestle Research Centre

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Haber, James E.
Brandeis University

DNA accessibility, DNA damage checkpoint, DNA repair, homologous recombination, non-homologous end-joining, MAT switching and donor preference, Break-induced replication, CHL1, NEJ1, RFS1, SWI1
Hahn, Steven
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and Howard Hughes Medical Institute

RNA polymerase III, TFIID, TFIIIB, gene regulation, General transcription factors, transcription, mediator, RNA polymerse II, TATA, TBP
Hall, Mark
Purdue University

Hall, Michael N.
University of Basel

PI kinase, Rho, TOR, actin cytoskeleton, growth control, signal transduction, translation, ASC1, BAG7, BIG1, BIT2, CRF1, FAP1, ROT1, ROT2, SLM1, SLM2, TUS1, VID30, YPK3
Hamamci, Haluk
Middle East Technical University

systems biology, metabolomics
Hamel, Patrice
The Ohio State University

assembly, mitochondria, heme, cytochrome c and c1, redox chemistry, CCHL, CYC2, CYC3, CYT2
Hampsey, Michael
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Hampton, Randolph Y.
University of California, San Diego

HMG-CoA reductase, karmellae, ER proliferation, HER2, NSG1, NSG2
Hanekamp, Theodor
University of Wyoming
mitochondria, mitochondrial DNA, nucleotide
Hanes, Steven
SUNY-Upstate Medical University

DNA-protein interaction, cooperativity, mitosis, pattern formation, prolyl-isomerases, transcription, homeobox genes (Drosophila), BYE1, ESS1
Hansen, Jorgen
Hanson, Pamela K.
Birmingham-Southern College

Hao, Weilong
Wayne State University

homologous recombination, Genome Evolution, Horizontal Transfer, mitochondrial evolution, mobile DNA, intron
Harashima, Satoshi
Department of Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

functional genomics, signal transduction, Genome Engineering, Molecular Genetics of Fatty Acid Biosynthesis, Chromosome Engineering
Hardwick, Kevin
University of Edinburgh

checkpoint, kinetochore, spindle, microtubule, spindle pole
Hardy, Chris
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
BOI1,2, CDC5
Haring, Stuart
North Dakota State University

Harkness, Troy
Harkness, Troy A. A.
University of Saskatchewan

Hartig, Andreas
Institut fuer Biochemie und Molekulare Zellbiologie
Hartl, F. Ulrich
Hartman, John L.
University of Alabama-Birmingham

dNTP metabolism, lab automation, gene interaction networks, genetic buffering, phenotypic array
Hartwell, Leland
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Hartzog, Grant A.
UC Santa Cruz, Department of Biology

chromatin, transcription, transcription elongation
Harvey, Richard
Hasek, Jiri
Institute of Microbiology of AS CR,v.v.i.

Hauser, Melinda
University of Tennessee

Hazen, Kevin
Hearn, Milton
Hegemann, Johannes H.
Division of Functional Genomics

Chlamydia pneumoniae, Kinetochore, Pseudohyphal growth, centromere, functional genomics, kinetochore, Yeast Surface Display, folic acid biosynthesis, FOL1, IML1, IML2, IML3, TBS1
Heick, Jensen Torben
Heidenreich, Erich
Medical University of Vienna

Adaptive mutation, Stationary-phase mutation, Selection-induced mutation, Starvation-induced mutation, Starvation-associated mutation
Heidler, Steven A.
Eli Lilly and Company

Heierhorst, Jorg
St. Vincent's Institute of Medical Research

bleomycin, checkpoint, FHA domain, SQ/TQ cluster domain (SCD), post-senescence survivors, DUN1, ESL1, ESL2, PIN4, RAD53
Heinemann, Matthias
University of Groningen

Heinisch, Juergen J.
Universitaet Osnabrueck

MAP kinase, glycolysis, phosphofructokinase, protein kinase C, DCK1
Heitman, Joseph
Duke University Medical Center

Cryptococcus neoformans, DNA recognition, differentiation, immunosuppression, pathogenesis, protein folding, signal transduction, virulence, yeast, GPB1, GPB2
Helfant, Astrid
(Other last name: Hoes)
Hamilton College
proteasome, spindle pole body duplication, RPT4
Helliwell, Stephen B.
Novartis AG

Hemming, Bruce
Henaut, Alain
Henn, Lee
Henne, Mike
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Membrane trafficking, membrane contact sites, NVJ3
Henry, Susan A.
Cornell University

gene regulation, inositol, lipid metabolism, INO1
Herman, Paul K.
The Ohio State University

autophagy, growth control, protein folding, signal transduction, stationary phase, stress response, Ras/PKA signaling, prions, Ribonucleoprotein (RNP) granules, P-bodies
Hernandez, Luis M.
University of Extremadura

glycosylation, mannosylphosphate transfer, ldb phenotype, mannoprotein, LDB7
Herrero, Enrique
University of Lleida

oxidative stress, Glutaredoxin, Glutathione transferase, GRX3, GRX4, GRX5, GRX6, GRX7, GTO1, GTO3
Herrmann, Johannes
University of Kaiserslautern

mitochondria, protein translocation, GRX8
Herskowitz, Ira
University of California, San Francisco
Hesselberth, Jay
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Hettema, Ewald
University of Sheffield

peroxisome, pexophagy, ATG36
Hettema, Ewald H.
University of Sheffield

autophagy, organelle assembly, peroxisome, sorting
Heyer, Wolf-Dietrich
University of California, Davis

DNA damage checkpoint, DNA repair, recombination, MUS81
Hicke, Linda A.
Northwestern University
alpha factor, endocytosis, receptor downregulation, receptor internalization, ubiquitin-binding proteins, STE2, ubiquitin
Hickman, Mark
Rowan University

ergosterol, genetics, genome sequencing, microarrays, oxygen, transcription, membrane, hypoxia, heme, ECM22, ERG11, ERG2, ERG5, HAP1, HOG1, MGA2, PAU10, PAU11, PAU12, PAU13, PAU14, PAU15, PAU16, PAU17, PAU18, PAU19, PAU20, PAU21, PAU22, PAU8, PAU9, UPC2
Hieter, Philip
University Of British Columbia

Hilt, Wolfgang K.
Universitaet Stuttgart
apoptosis, proteasomal substrates, proteasome, protein degradation, ubiquitin system
Hinnebusch, Alan G.
National Institute of Child Health and Human Development

Protein kinase, activators, amino acids, eIF2, initiation factors, tRNA modification, transcription, translation, GCN2, GCN4
Hiraga, Shin-ichiro
University of Aberdeen

Hirsch, Jeanne
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

G proteins, growth control, pheromone, receptor, signal transduction
Hitoshi, Shimoi
Hittinger, Chris Todd
University of Wisconsin-Madison
regulatory networks, evolutionary genetics, ADR1, CAT8, GAL1, GAL10, GAL2, GAL3, GAL4, GAL7, GAL80, GCY1, MIG1, MIG2, MIG3, MTH1, PCL10, PGM1, PGM2, RGT1
Hitz, Ben
Stanford University

HJJ, Van Vuuren
Ho, Su-Wen
Washington University
Hochstrasser, Mark
Yale University

DID2, DID4, PBA1, UBP10, UBP15, UBP16, UBP6, UBP8, ULP1
Hoffman, Les
Epicentre Technologies
PCR, microarray, RNA Isolation
Hoffmann, Eva
University of Sussex

Hofken, Thomas
Brunel University London

gene expression, metabolism, stress response, mating, filamentation, p21-activated kinase (PAK), CLA4, ECM22, SKM1, STE20, SUT1, SUT2, UPC2
Hohmann, Stefan
University of Gothenburg

aquaporins, gene expression, glucose repression, glycerol, glycolysis, osmoadaptation, signaling, stress response, transmembrane transport, thiamin, AQY1, AQY2, DLT1, FPS1, GIS4, HOG1, HXK1, HXK2, PDC1, PDC2, PDC5, SNF1
Hollingsworth, Nancy
Stony Brook University

chromosome, recombination, synaptonemal complex, meiosis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, HOP1, MSH5
Holm, Connie
University of California at San Diego

Holmberg, Steen
University of Copenhagen

activated transcription, chromatin structure, nitrogen metabolism, nucleosome remodeling, transcription factor activation, MRN1
Holmes, Scott G.
Wesleyan University

chromatin, gene expression, silencing, transcription
Holstege, Frank

Honigberg, Saul M.
University of Missouri-Kansas City

gene regulation, signal transduction, sporulation, meiosis
Hood, Helen
Williams College

Hood-DeGrenier, Jennifer
(Other last name: Hood)
Wellesley College

cyclin, mitosis, nuclear transport, septin ring, CLB2, CRM1, SWE1
Hoon, Shawn
Stanford University
Hoopes, Laura
(Other last name: L Mays)
Pomona College

DNA repair, asymmetry, nucleolus, protein phosphatase, transcription
Hopper, Anita K.
Ohio State Univ.

RNA modification, RNA processing, nucleus/cytosol exchange, tRNA modification/splicing, tRNA retrograde traffic
Horazdovsky, Bruce
University of Texas
Horecka, Joe
Stanford University

CDC4, FAR3, OCH1, SKN7, STE3, TAO3, TRS130
Horz, Wolfram
Institut fur Physiologische Chemie
Hosoda, Hiroshi
Houry, Walid
University of Toronto

molecular chaperones, Hsp100, HSP90, PIH1, TAH1
Howe, LeAnn
University of British Columbia

Hoyt, M. Andrew
The Johns Hopkins University

checkpoint, dynein, kinesin, mitosis, motor proteins
Hoyt, Martin A.
University of California, San Francisco
Huang, Emina H.
Huang, Jing

bioinformatics, gene expression, chemical genetics, high-throughput screening, protein interaction network, drug target identification, chemical genomics, cell growth control, TOR1, TOR2
Huang, Linda S.
University of Massachusetts Boston

sporulation, Spore wall morphogenesis, Meiotic Exit, Prospore Membrane
Huberman, Joel A.
Roswell Park Cancer Institute
ARS, ORC, S phase, checkpoint, chromatin, initiation, origin, replication, timing
Hudson, Alan
Wayne State University

respiration, transcription, mitochondrion, RSF1, RSF2
Huertas, Pablo
Cambridge University
Huffaker, Tim C.
Cornell University

kinetochore, mitosis, spindle, spindle pole body, microtubule, SPC72, STU2
Hughes, Timothy
University of Toronto

beer, terraforming, motorcycles, jazz, sociology, BCD1, ESF2, GUS1, MIM1, PGA1, SEC39, TSR2, URB1, URB2
Humphrey-Dixon, Emily
(Other last name: Humphrey, Dixon)
St. Lawrence University

Hunter, Neil
University of California Davis

homologous recombination, meiosis, crossing-over, Genome instability, DSB-repair
Hurt, Ed
BZH (Biochemie Zentrum Heidelberg)

NLS, nuclear pore complex, nuclear transport, nucleoporin, rRNA, ACL4, ARX1, NUG1
Husnik, John
First Venture Technologies

Hyams, Jeremy
Massey University
dynamin, microtubules, myosins, actin, DNM1, VPS1
Hyman, Bradley T
Hyman, Linda
Montana State University
Elongin C, transcriptional termination
Hynes, Nancy

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Ikui, Amy
Brooklyn College

DNA replication
Ilina, Yulia
Goteborg University
Inge-Vechtomov, S. G.
St. Petersburg University
Ingolia, Nick
Carnegie Institution

Irie, Kenji
University of Tsukuba

Irvin, Jordan
National Cancer Institute
Issel-Tarver, Laurie
Ohlone College

Ito, Takashi
Department of Biophysics and Biochemistry, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo

functional genomics, proteome, two-hybrid system, transcriptome, full-length cDNA, interactome, BEM1, GCN2, MDM30, MDM34, YIH1
Ivanovska, Irena
Princeton University
Ivessa, Andreas
University of Medicine and Dentistry NJ, New Jersey Medical School
mitochondria, mitochondrial DNA, recombination, repair, replication, helicases
Ivey, Veronica
Williams College
Iyer, Vishwanath
University of Texas at Austin

Izquierdo, Alicia

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Jacinto, Estela
UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
TOR, actin cytoskeleton, rapamycin, nutrient sensing, phosphatases, TOR2
Jack, Hans-Martin
University of Erlangen

NMD, lambda5, B cell, miRNA, HUPF, pre-B cell receptor
Jackman, Jane
The Ohio State University

enzyme mechanism, THG1, TPT1, TRM10
Jackson, Catherine L.
Cell Biology and Metabolism Branch, NICHD, NIH
ARF, SEC7 domain, protein trafficking, Golgi apparatus, membrane dynamics, GEA1, GEA2, GMH1
Jackson, Stephen P.
Jacobs, Jonathan
Jacobson, Allan S.
University of Massachusetts Medical Ctr

Jacq, Claude
Ecole Normale Superieure CNRS
mitochondrial genome, multidrug resistance, nuclear genome, Transcription factor, genome-wide analyses, mRNA localisation, regulatory networks, PDR8, YRM1
Jacquet, Michel
Univ de Paris-sud

Jacquier, Alain
Institut Pasteur

RNA maturation, RNA structure, RNA turnover, catalytic RNAs, group II introns, ribozyme, self-splicing, splicing, RNA quality control, RSM10, RSM18, RSM19, RSM22, RSM23, RSM24, RSM25, RSM26, RSM27, RSM7, SNR191
Jaehning, Judith A.
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
RNA polymerase, glucose repression, protein kinase C signaling, transcription, CDC73, PAF1
Jankowsky, Eckhard
Case Western Reserve University

Jansen, Gregor
McGill University

endoplasmic reticulum, signal transduction, drug screening, unfolded protein response, Protein-Protein Interaction Networks, Chemogenomics, Haploid Human cells, Cold Adaptation, Transcriptional Profiling, Synergy, GPA1, IRE1, OPY2, PBS2, STE11, STE18, STE4, STE50, STE7
Jansen, Ralf-P.
mRNA localization, myosin, RNP complex formation, actin
Jansma, David
University of Toronto

Jantti, Jussi
University of Helsinki
Jaspersen, Sue
Stowers Institute for Medical Research

Jayadeva, Paike
Jayaraman, Kunthala
V.I.T Deemed University, India
Jazwinski, S. Michal
LSU Medical Center
Jeffries, Thomas
University of Wisconsin-Madison

xylose, hydrolysate, TAL1, TKL1, XKS1
Jenness, Duane D.
University of Massachusetts Medical School

G proteins, allostery, alpha factor, endocytosis, quality control, receptor, signal transduction, vacuole, Protein soring
Jensen, Robert E.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Jensen, Torben H.
Jentsch, Stefan
Max Planck Society

DNA repair, proteasome, protein degradation, recombination, transcription, protein processing, SUMO, RUB1/NEDD8, protein sorting, prions, ubiquitin, CDC34, CUE5, HUB1, MAC1, OTU1, OTU2, POL30, RAD6, RUB1, UBA3, UBC1, UBC11, UBC12, UBC13, UBC4, UBC5, UBC6, UBC7, UBC8, UBC9, ULA1
Jesch, Stephen A.
Cornell University

Jiang, Linghuo
Jiangnan University

Candida albicans, Protein kinase, budding yeast, protein phosphatase, signal transduction, PMR1, PTC6, PTC7, RCH1, RCK2
Jiang, Yiwei
Jiang, Yu
University of Pittsburgh
Jigami, Yoshifumi
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
cell wall, glycosylphosphatidylinositol, protein glycosylation, BST1, CIS3, GDA1, GWT1, HSP150, HUT1, KTR6, LAS21, MNN4, OCH1, PIR1, PIR3, YEA4, YND1
Jimeno-Gonzalez, Silvia
Universidad de Sevilla

Jin, Ping
Jin, Rui
University of Michigan, Ann Aorbor
Jiranek, Vladimir
The University of Adelaide

Jirtle, Randy
Johannes, Boonstra
Johansson, Erik
Umea University

DNA repair, DNA replication, DNA polymerase epsilon
Johansson, Marcus
Umea University

Johnsen, Anders H.
The National University Hospital

Johnson, Alexander (Sandy) D.

Johnson, Arlen
University of Texas at Austin

nuclear export, ribosome, translation, mRNA turnover, ARX1, CRM1, LSG1, NMD3, REI1, RPL10, SQT1
Johnson, Douglas I.
University of Vermont

Candida albicans, cell polarity, signal transduction, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, CDC42p, RDI1p, CDC24p, VTC1
Johnson, Erica S.
Thomas Jefferson University

Johnsson, Nils
University of Muenster
protein folding, protein interaction, protein translocation, split-ubiquitin
Johnston, Gerald C.
Dalhousie University
Johnston, Lee
National Institute for Medical Research
cytokinesis, mitotic exit
Johnston, Mark
University of Colorado School of Medicine

glucose induction, glucose repression, glucose sensors, GAL genes, DNA sequence analysis, RGT1
Johnston, Stephen Albert
University of Texas
AAA proteins, GAL6/BLH, galactose system, genome analysis, overproduction systems, proteasome, technology, transcription, GAL4
Jones, Gary
National University of Ireland Maynooth

prion, Hsp70, prions, chaperone, HSP104, SSA1, SSA2, SSA3, SSA4
Jonsson, Zophonias O.
University of Iceland

Jordan, Philip
Genome Damage and Stability Centre, University of Sussex
chromosome, recombination, repair, replication, meiosis, RMR1
Joshi, Neeraj
University of California, San Francisco

Justice, Michael C.
Merck Research Laboratories
elongation factors, ribosome, transcription, translation

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Kaback, David B.
Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

Kabani, Mehdi

ERAD, endoplasmic reticulum, molecular chaperones, protein degradation, protein translocation, transcription, Hsp70, prions, yeast prions, FES1, SIL1, SLS1
Kabir, Md. Anaul
National Institute of Technology Calicut

chaperonin, gene expression, gene regulation, protein folding
Kaeberlein, Matt
University of Washington

Kahn, Richard A.
Emory University

ADP-ribosylation factors (ARF), GTP-binding proteins, GTPase activating proteins, protein secretion, vesicular traffic, phospholipase D, AGE1, AGE2
Kaiser, Chris A.
Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.

Kaiser, Peter
UC Irvine

SCF, ubiquitin
Kaji, Akira
University of Pennsylvania

tRNA, ribosomes, RRF, translation factors
Kamakaka, Rohinton T.

chromatin, gene regulation, silencing, Sir protein, SAS10
Kane, Caroline M.
University of California at Berkeley

RNA polymerase II, biochemistry, elongation, genetics, molecular biology, phosphorylation, transcription, SDT1
Kane, Patricia M.
SUNY Health Science Center

V-ATPase, acidification, vacuole, vma mutants, VMA9
Kanki, Tomotake
Niigata University
autophagy, mitochondria
Kaplan, Jerry
University of Utah

iron, mitochondria, transition metals, vacuole, BOL2, BPH1, ERG29, FRA1, MMT1, MMT2, MSC2, VPS41, YFH1
Kaplan, Ken
University of California, Davis

centromere, kinetochore, microtubules, mitotic checkpoint
Karnam, Harish Kumar
University of Stuttgart

Karreman, Robert J.
University College Cork
fermentation, metabolism, yeast, kinetics, engineering, cerevisiae
Katcoff, Don
Bar Ilan University

Katou, Yuki
Kaufman, Thom
Kawasaki, Yasuo
Osaka University
DNA replication, checkpoint control
Kebaara, Bessie Wanja
Baylor University

mRNA decay, nonsense-mediated mRNA decay, 3'-UTRs, CTR2, SSY5
Keeling, Kim
U. of Alabama at Birmingham

Keeney, Jill
Juniata College

retrotransposition, tRNA priming, Ty1, SIR4
Keeney, Scott
Sloan-Kettering Institute

DNA repair, double-strand break, recombination, topoisomerase, meiosis, SPO11, CDC28, MEI4, MRE11, RAD50, REC102, REC104, REC107, REC114, SAE2, SKI8, SPO11, TOP2, XRS2
Keil, Ralph L.
Penn State Hershey

Keller, Walter

AIR1, AIR2, CFT1, CFT2, CLP1, FIP1, GLC7, HRP1, HUL4, MPE1, MTR4, PAP1, PAP2, PCF11, PFS2, PTA1, PTI1, RNA14, RNA15, RRP6, SSU72, SWD2, TRF5, YSH1
Kellis, Manolis
(Other last name: Kamvysselis)

Comparative genomics, Regulatory motifs, Genome Evolution, Genome Duplication, Gene Identification
Kellogg, Douglas
University of California at Santa Cruz

Kemp, Hilary
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

FAR10, FAR11, FAR7, FAR8
Kemper, Boerries
University of Cologne

DNA repair, recombination, cruciform DNA, Holliday junction, CRP1
Kennedy, Brian
University of Washington

calorie restriction, nuclear structure
Kennedy, Eileen J.
Harvard University
phosphate starvation, nucleotide binding, kinase regulation, nucleotide phosphate hydrolysis, NPP1, NPP2
Kennedy, Matthew
UCLA School of Medicine
biochemistry, cell biology, molecular genetics
Kent, Nicholas A.
Cardiff University

Nucleosome, transcription, DSB repair, chromatin-remodeling ATPase
Keogh, Michael-Christopher
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

transcription regulation, histone variants, checkpoint control, chromatin modification
Keranen, Sirkka
VTT Biotechnology
exocytosis, genetic interactions, heterologous expression, protein production, protein secretion, protein translocation, pseudohyphal differentiation, t-SNARE, vesicular traffic, novel essential genes, GPI14, MSO1, SBH1, SBH2
Kerscher, Oliver
College of William & Mary

Kersting, Michael
Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University
Keys, Heather
Khan, Mohamed K.
Kielland-Brandt, Morten C.
Technical University of Denmark

amino acid sensing, nutrient sensing, glucose sensing, transporter-like sensors, MTH1, PTR3, RGT2, SNF3, SSY1, SSY5, STP1
Kim, Myoung-Dong
Kangwon National University

GRR1, sugar transporter, SNF1, GRR1, SNF1
Kinoshita, Taroh
Kinzy, Terri Goss
UMDNJ Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

elongation, translation, G-protein
Kirchmaier, Ann L.
Purdue University

Kirkpatrick, David T.
University of Minnesota

DNA repair, genome stability, recombination, stationary phase, meiosis, minisatellite stability
Kirsch, Donald R.
Cambria Biosciences
ergosterol, receptor, antifungal
Kirschner, Marc
Kitagawa, Katsumi
The Research Institute at Nationwide Children?s Hospital

SCF, mitosis, spindle checkpoint, kinetochore/centromere, BUB1, HSP90, SGT1, SKP1, SGT1
Kitazono, Ana
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Kladde, Michael
University of Florida School of Medicine

acetylation, chromatin, histones, methylation, transcription, nucleosomes, DNA methyltransferases
Klar, Amar
Natl. Cancer Inst. Frederick Facility
Kleckner, Nancy
Harvard University
Klein, Franz K.
University of Vienna, Max F. Perutz Laboratories

meiosis, MND1, MND2, MRE11, REC8, SAE2
Klein, Hannah L.
New York University Medical Center

DNA helicase, DNA repair, genome stability, recombination, topoisomerase, HPR1, RAD54, RDH54, SRS2
Klionsky, Daniel J.
University of Michigan

aminopeptidase I, autophagy, organelle biogenesis, protein targeting, vacuole, pexophagy, cytoplasm to vacuole targeting, macroautophagy, mitophagy, ATG11, ATG15, ATG18, ATG19, ATG20, ATG23, ATG27, ATG32, ATG33, ATG9
Klis, Frans M.
Swammerdam Inst Life Sciences, Univ Amsterdam
Aspergillus, Candida albicans, Saccharomyces, beta-1,6-glucan synthesis, cell wall integrity, cell wall proteins, cell wall repair mechanisms, stress responses, ECM33, SUN4
Knight, Simon
University of Pennsylvania
Knop, Michael

DON1, MPC54, MSO1, SMA1, SMA2, SPC110, SPC29, SPC72, SPC97, SPC98, SPO14, SPO21, SSP1, TUB4
Knuth, Mark
Kobayashi, Takehiko
National Institute of Genetics

DNA replication, gene amplification, genome stability, recombination, repair, ribosomal DNA, FOB1
Koc, Ahmet
Izmir Institute of Technology

Koeffel, Rene
MedUni Vienna

Koehler, Carla

mitochondria, protein assembly, protein import, protein trafficking, TIM13, TIM8, TIM9
Koepp, Deanna M.
University of Minnesota

Kohlwein, Sepp D.
University of Graz

fatty acid, fluorescence microscopy, heterologous expression, lipase, lipid transport, lipids, phospholipid, regulation, triglyceride
Kohno, Kenji
Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST)

Konopka, James B.
State University of New York, Stony Brook

G protein coupled receptors, alpha factor receptor, pheromone signal transduction, septins, AFR1, STE2
Kornitzer, Daniel
Technion - I.I.T.

copper, iron, protein degradation, heme, ubiquitin, CDC4, GCN4, PCL5, PHO85, RUB1
Kornmann, Benoit
ETH Zurich
GEM1, MDM10, MDM12, MDM34, MMM1, PSD1
Kos, Martin
University of Heidelberg
Kosman, Daniel

gene regulation, copper metabolism, metallobiochemistry, iron metabolism
Kosova, Buket
Ege University

Kosowski, Tom
Kovac, Ladislav
Comenius Univ., Faculty of Science

Kowalski, David
Roswell Park Cancer Institute

ARS, DNA damage, DNA repair, origin, replication, timing, cis-elements, ARS303, ARS305, ARS320, ,
Kozminski, Keith G.
University of Virginia

cell polarity, Rho GTPases, oxysterol binding proteins, CDC42, SWF1, OSH4
Kozubowski, Lukasz
Clemson University
cytokinesis, fungal pathogenesis, mitosis, yeast, septins, Cryptococcus, centromeres
Kramer, Wilfried
Universitat Gottingen

Krause, Sue
University of Glasgow

Krebs, Jocelyn
University of Alaska Anchorage

acetylation, chromatin, DSB, histone
Kressler, Dieter
University of Fribourg

ribosome biogenesis, NSA1, RIX7
Kristjuhan, Arnold
University of Tartu

Krizaj, Igor
Krogan, Nevan J.
University of California-San Francisco

beer, hockey, ELF1, ESF1, GIR2, IPI1, IPI3, IWR1, LRP1, PSH1, RBG2, SPN1, SWC7
Kron, Steve
University of Chicago

Kruppa, Michael
East Tennessee State Univ.

Kryndushkin, Dmitry

Krysan, Damian J.
University of Rochester

cell wall, proteases, stress response, Candida, yapsins, MKC7, YPS1, YPS3, YPS6, YPS7
Kucej, Martin
University of Texas
Kuchler, Karl A.
Medical University Vienna

PDR10, PDR12, PDR15, PDR5, STE6, WAR1
Kuenzler, Markus
Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zurich

secretion, Galectin
Kuismanen, Esa
Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences, Helsinki University

Kulakovskaya, Tatiana
Kuldell, Natalie

Kumar, Anuj
University of Michigan

Candida albicans, Pseudohyphal growth, bioinformatics, functional genomics, proteomics, Protein localization, small ORFs, cell signaling, nested genes, NAG1, PUN1
Kung, Ching
University of Wisconsin
Kunz, Bernard A.
Deakin University
DNA repair, DNA replication, mutagenesis
Kuo, Wei Hung
University of Toronto

Kupiec, Martin
Tel Aviv University

CDC40/PRP17, checkpoint, double-strand break, recombination, repair, splicing, meiosis, ELG1, SYF1, SYF2
Kurian, Leo
Institute for Genetics, University of Cologne
proteasome, ODC, OAZ1, PRE1, UMP1
Kuriyama, Hiroshi
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Kurlandzka, Anna
Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics

chromosome, IMI1, IRR1, LIN1
Kusch, Justine
ETH Zurich, Institute of Biochemistry

Kushner, David
Dickinson College

Kutay, U
Kvint, Kristian
University of Gothenburg

RNAPII, Protein quality, UBP3, ubiquitin, UBP3
Kwast, Kurt E.
University of Illinois

genomics, oxygen, transcription

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Lacefield, Soni
Indiana University

Lacroute, Francois

Ladriere, Jean-Marc
Lesaffre International

Lafontaine, Denis
Universite Libre de Bruxelles

Lakshminarasimhan, Anirudha
IIT Bombay
Lal, Sunil K.
International Centre for Genetic Eng. and Biotechnology

malaria, protein-protein interactions, virus, RNA-protein interactions, hepatitis
Lander, Eric
Lanker, Stefan
Oregon Health & Science University
proteasome, SCF-GRR1, Ubiquitin mediated degradation, G1 cyclins, glucose regulation
Lapeyre, Bruno

ribosome biogenesis, tRNA processing, yeast spore germination, RNA metabolism, mRNA translation and degradation, RNA methylation, GAR1, LSM1, MRM2, NOP1, PAT1, SPB1, TRM11, TRM112, TRM7
Larriba, German
Univ Extremadura

glycosylation, Mannosyl-phosphorylation, Hyperglycosylation
Larrinoa, Inigo F.
Facultad de Ciencias Qummicas (UPV/EHU)

Larsen, Christopher N.
Vecna Technologies

Latterich, Martin
The Salk Institute
CDC48p, SEC17p, SEC18p, fusion pore expansion, karyogamy, organelle biogenesis, vesicular traffic
Lau, Lester
Lauquin, Guy

Laurent, Brehon C.
S. U. N. Y.
DNA-dependent ATPase, G2/M transition, Snf/Swi, bromodomain, chromosome segregation, transcription, RSC, chromatin-remodeling
Lavoie, Brigitte D.
University of Toronto

chromosome structure, genetic stability, mitosis, Sister chromatid cohesion, chromosome transmission, condensation, condensin, cohesin, SMC proteins
Laxman, Sunil
inStem, National Centre for Biological Sciences

amino acids, glutamine, metabolism, signaling, translation, ORC1, Nutrients, growth, methionine, tRNA modifications, GLN1, GLT1, IML1, KOG1, NPR2, NPR3, SCH9, TOR1, TOR2, UBA4, URM1
Leach, David
Leao-Helder, Adriana Nivea
(Other last name: Leao)
Rio de Janeiro State University (UERJ)

peroxisome, peroxisome biogenesis, protein secretion, alcohol oxidase, methylotropic yeast, peroxisome degradation
Leatherwood, Janet
(Other last name: Bushman)
State University of New York at Stony Brook

DNA replication, Origin Recognition Complex, cyclin dependent protein kinase, fission yeast (S. pombe), orp2 (ORC2), CDC2 (CDC28), cdc18 (CDC6)
Lebauve, Sadie
Leberer, Ekkehard
NRC Biotechnology Research Institute
Lee, Cheol-Koo
Korea University, South Korea

Lee, Sang Eun
University of Texas Health Science Center

recombination, chromosome rearrangements, End Joining, MMEJ, SAW1
Lee, Wei-Lih
UMass Amherst

Lefebvre, Olivier
Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique

Legrain, Pierre
RNA processing, RNA splicing, protein-protein interactions, functional proteomics
Leibowitz, Michael J.
R W Johnson Medical School
Candida albicans, group I introns, killer virus, ribozymes
Leidel, Sebastian
Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine

RNA modification, non coding RNA, NCS2, NCS6, NFS1, TUM1, UBA4, URM1
Lemmon, Sandra K.
University of Miami

clathrin, endocytosis, vacuole sorting, adaptors, phosphatases, PP1, SCD5p, SLA2p, actin, GLC7
Leon, Sebastien
Institut Jacques Monod - CNRS

endocytosis, Glucose signaling, ubiquitin, EAR1, JEN1, REG1, ROD1, RSP5, SNF1, SSH4
Leonard, Dave
Lesage, Guillaume
McGill University

Lesage, Pascale
CNRS/Paris 7 University (UMR7212), Inserm (U944)

stress, Ty1
Lesser, Cammie
MGH/Harvard Medical School

bacteria, genetics, genomics, pathogenesis, actin
Levin, David E.
Boston University

cell wall integrity, protein kinases, Ras signaling, GPI-anchor biosynthesis, osmotic homeostasis, ASK10, BCK1, BCK2, ERI1, FPS1, GPI19, KIN1, KIN2, MID2, MKK1, MKK2, MLP1, MTL1, PKC1, PLB1, PPZ1, PPZ2, RAS1, RAS2, RGC1, RHO1, RLM1, ROM1, ROM2, SLG1, SLT2, SWI4, SWI6, YPK1, YPK2
Levine, Tim

Levy, Ronald
Lew, Daniel
Duke University

Li, Joachim J.
University of California

Li, Jun
Washington University in St. Louis
dynein, spindle, microtubule, NDL1
Li, Liming
Northwestern University

Li, Qing
Peking University

Li, Rong
Harvard Medical School
Liang, Yongheng
Nanjing Agricultural University, China

Liberatore, Katie
Libri, Domenico
CNRS, Centre de Genetique Moleculaire

Lichten, Michael

chromatin, recombination, repair, meiosis
Lichtenberg-Frate, Hella
Univ Bonn

Lieb, Jason
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Liebman, Susan W.
University of Illinois at Chicago

ribosomal RNA, translational fidelity, prions
Liepins, Janis
University of Latvia

Lill, Roland
Institut fuer Zytobiologie

ABC transporters, mitochondria, protein translocation, Fe/S cluster biogenesis, ferredoxin, iron metabolism, Glutaredoxin, ARH1, ATM1, BAT1, BAT2, CFD1, CIA1, CIA2, DRE2, ERV1, GRX3, GRX4, GRX5, IBA57, ISA1, ISA2, ISD11, ISU1, ISU2, JAC1, LEU5, NAR1, NBP35, NFS1, NFU1, RLI1, SSQ1, TAH18, YAH1, YFH1
Lima, Christopher
Limjindaporn, Thawornchai
Mahidol University

protein protein interaction, dengue virus
Lin, Ren-Jang
City of Hope

SR protein kinases, pre-mRNA splicing, spliceosome, DExD/H-box protein
Linder, Maurine
Cornell University

SNARE, protein trafficking, signal transduction, membrane fusion, lipid modification, protein acyltransferase, G protein, protein palmitoylation, fatty acylation, DHHC-CRD, PFA3, PFA4, PFA5
Linder, Patrick
Dept. de Biochimie Medicale
Lindquist, Susan
Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

amyloid, cancer, evolution, heat shock, drug resistance, prions, Parkinson's disease, Neurodegenerative disease, molecular chaperone, HCH1, HSC82, HSP104, HSP26, HSP82, RNQ1, SSA1, SSA2, SSA3, SSA4, SUP35, TSL1, YPT1
Lindsey, George
University of Cape Town
cell wall, stress, chaperone, HSP12, HSP12
Lingner, Joachim
Link, Andrew J.
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

RNA processing, bioinformatics, proteomics, ribosome biogenesis, translation, protein complexes, mass spectrometry, posttranslational modifications, IFA38, SGF11, TMA10, TMA108, TMA16, TMA17, TMA19, TMA20, TMA22, TMA23, TMA46, TMA64, TMA7,
Linster, Carole
Lipke, Peter
Brooklyn College

GPI anchors, Ig superfamily, bleomycin, cell adhesion, glycoprotein structure, homology modeling, mannoproteins, sexual agglutinins, wall assembly
Lippard, Stephen J.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Lisby, Michael
University of Copenhagen

Liskay, Mike
Lithgow, Trevor
Monash University

mitochondria, molecular chaperones, protein targeting, protein translocation, BIR1, EGD1, EGD2, ERJ5, JID1, JJJ1, JJJ2, JJJ3, JLP1, JLP2, MDM10, MDM12, MDM34, MIM1, MMM1, OM14, SAM35, SAM37, SAM50, TOM20, TOM22, TOM40, TOM7, TOM70, TOM71, ZIM17
Liti, Gianni
Institute of Research on Cancer and Ageing of Nice

Liu, Jianhua
Genome Institute of Singapore
Liu, Yang
Columbia University
Liu, Z. Lewis
National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, USDA-ARS

Liu, Zhengchang
University of New Orleans

amino acid sensing, TOR Signaling, Retrograde signaling, BMH1, CIT2, DLD3, GRR1, LST8, MKS1, RTG1, RTG2, RTG3
Livi, George P.

Ljungdahl, Per O.
Wenner-Gren Institute

amino acid permeases, endoplasmic reticulum, gene expression, polytopic membrane proteins, proteolysis, signal transduction, inner nuclear membrane, membrane-localized chaperone, ASI1, ASI2, ASI3, DAL81, PTR3, SHR3, SSY1, SSY5, STP1, STP2
Llorente, Bertrand

EXO1, FUN30, MRE11, THI20, THI21, THI22, TNA1
Lobo, Zita
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Lockshon, Daniel
University of Washington

MAP kinase, mitochondria, membrane, PKC, ,
Loewen, Chris
University of British Columbia

Loewith, Robbie
University of Geneva

Protein kinase, rapamycin, ribosome biogenesis, stress response, translation initiation, ORC1, ORC2, AVO1, AVO2, KOG1
Logie, Colin
Nijmegen University, Mol Biol

ATPase, Nucleosome, chromatid, chromatin, remodeling
Logsdon, John
Loiez, Annie
Longhese, Maria Pia
Univ. di Milano-Bicocca

DNA damage, DNA replication, checkpoint, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, MEC1, DDC2, LCD1
Longtine, Mark S.
Oklahoma State University
cytokinesis, morphogenesis, septin, BNI5
Lopes, John M.
University of Massachusetts

INO2, INO4, OPI10, OPI11, OPI6, OPI7, OPI8, OPI9, RPD3, SIN3, UME6
Lorberg, Anja
University Osnabrueck

amino acids, nutrient sensing, TOR1, TOR2, RHB1, regulation of cell growth
Lorenz, Michael C.
University of Texas Health Science Center

microarrays, pathogenesis, Candida, DOT6, HMS1, HMS2
Louis, Edward J.
University of Leicester

recombination, subtelomere, telomere, quantitative genetics, Genome Evolution, Complex traits, NEJ1, SGS1, YKU70, YKU80
Lowndes, Noel F.
National University of Ireland Galway

DNA damage, DNA repair, signal transduction, cell cycle checkpoint, Histones marks, RAD9, TEL1, MEC1
Lowry, Charles
Albany Medical College
Lu, Kun Ping
Harvard Medical School

Protein phosphorylation, cancer, telomerase, Prolyl isomerization, Alzheimer's disease, PXR1
Luca, Francis C.
University of Pennsylvania

MOB1, MOB2, SPB duplication, cell cycle regulation, cytokinesis, mitotic checkpoint, polarized growth, mitotic exit network (MEN), RAM signaling network, daughter-specific transcription, ACE2, CBK1, DBF2, HYM1, KIC1, MOB1, MOB2, SOG2, TAO3, ZRG8
Lucas, Candida
University of Minho

cell wall, glycerol, metabolic engineering, plasma membrane, bioethanol, Extracellular matrix, Transporters, Biofuels, FPS1, GPD1, GPD2, GUP1, GUP2, GUT1, HOG1, PKC1, RAS1, RAS2, STL1
Lueder, Franziska
University of Melbourne
protein translocation
Luehrmann, Reinhard
Luk, E
Lundblad, Vicki
Salk Institute for Biological Studies

telomerase, telomere maintenance, telomere replication, telomere end protection, CDC13, EST1, EST2, EST3
Lupashin, Vladimir V.
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

SNARE, YPT1, in-vitro systems, post-Golgi traffic roots, protein transport, vesicle targeting, SEC34, SEC35, USO1, COG1, COG6
Lustig, Arthur J.
Tulane University

recombination, replication, silencing, telomere, MRE11, Ku, RAP1, SIR3
Lydall, Dave
Newcastle University

DNA repair, checkpoint, telomere, CDC13, RAD9, RAD17, EXO1, RAD24

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
M., Arndt Karen
Mabuchi, Tadashi
University of Yamanashi

Machin, Felix
University Hospital Ntra. Sra. Candelaria

homologous recombination, mitosis, rDNA, helicases, Anaphase, Topoisomerases, Resolvases, antitumour, quinones, CDC14, CDC14, CDC15, GSH1, MAD2, MMS4, MPH1, MUS81, RAD52, RAD9, SGS1, SLX1, SLX4, TOP1, TOP2, TOP3, YAP1, YEN1
MacLea, Kyle
University of New Hampshire-Manchester

SUP35, amyloid, prion, prions, misfolding, URE2
Macreadie, Ian G.
RMIT University

drug mechanisms, malaria, mitochondria, pathway engineering, protein folding, redox, yeast foreign gene expression, Alzheimer's disease, human diseases, folate synthesis and utilisation
Maddock, Janine
University of Michigan

ribosomes, GTPases, Obg, NOG1, MTG2, RBG1, RBG2, GIR2, MTG2, RBG1, RBG2
Madhani, Hiten

Madison, Rowan
University of New Orleans
Madrigal-Perez, Luis Alberto
Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Ciudad Hidalgo

bioenergetics, Resveratrol
Maeda, Tatsuya
Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences, The University of Tokyo

Maftahi, Mohamed
Columbia University

Magrath, Christi
Troy State University

replication, termination, transcription, transcription termination, heavy metal, 3'-end, lead
Magwene, Paul
Malagon, Francisco
Henry M. Jackson Foundation

Malik, Harmit
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

centromere, retrotransposons, 2 micron plasmids
Mandel, Jean-Louis
Manfredi, John
Myriad Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
signal transduction
Mann, Carl

Manogaran, Anita
Marquette University

SUP35, RNQ1, prions, actin
Manon, Stephen

apoptosis, autophagy, bioenergetics, mitochondrial biogenesis, oxidative stress, Heat stress, Heavy metals, Bcl-2 family
Mansur, Manuel
Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Marbois, Beth
Marc, Crouzet
Marcand, Stephane

homologous recombination, telomere, DNA double-strand break, NHEJ,
Marchler, Gabriele

Marcotte, Edward
University of Texas at Austin

Marelli, Marcello

protein engineering, Expression systems
Maresova, Lydie
Czech Academy of Sciences
transport systems, K+ homeostasis, membrane potential, ARL1, KHA1, NHX1, TOK1
Marina, Pablo
Harvard Medical School
Marsh, Lorraine
Martegani, Enzo
University of Milano Bicocca

cyclic AMP, glucose, guanine nucleotide exchange factors, ras, CDC25
Martens, Joe
University of Pittsburgh
Martin, Sophie
University of Lausanne

Martinez, Claudio
University of Santiago
wine, chromosome rearrangements, food
Martinez, Jesse
Martins, Ralph
Masamichi, Takagi
Masayuki, Nashimoto
Masel, Joanna
(Other last name: Monti-Masel)
University of Arizona

Mason, Tom
University of Massachusetts

Masuda, Claudio Akio
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)

stress response, lithium, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, ubiquitin
Matallana, Emilia
Universidad de Valencia

ethanol production, glucose utilization, metabolic engineering, stress response, trehalose, wine
Matese, John
Princeton University

bioinformatics, microarray, database
Mattanovich, Diethard
University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences Vienna

Maxon, Mary
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine
May, Oliver
Mayer, Andreas
University of Lausanne

autophagy, protein trafficking, vacuole, membrane fusion, organelles, membrane fission, autophagocytosis
Mayer, Bernd
Mayinger, Peter
Oregon Health & Science University

phosphoinositides, lipid signaling, ER-Trafficking, ATP-Transport, Golgi-Trafficking, Phosphoinositid Phosphatases, Phosphoinositid Kinases, DPM1, PIK1, RER1, SAC1, STT4
Mazon, Maria J.
Inst. Investigaciones Biomedicas

McAinsh, Andrew
Marie Curie Research Institute
Kinetochore, centromere, chromosome segregation, kinetochore, mitosis, CNN1
McBride, Anne
Bowdoin College

nucleocytoplasmic transport, methyltransferase, HMT1, NPL3, RMT2
McCammon, Mark T.
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
TCA cycle, acetate, glyoxylate cycle, mitochondria, organelle biogenesis, oxidative stress, peroxisome, protein assembly, microarray analysis, LSC1, LSC2
McCourt, Paula
(Other last name: Da Silva)
Drexel University College of Medicine

McCusker, John H.
Duke University Medical Center

fungal pathogenesis, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, quantitative genetics
McDonald, John P.
National Institutes of Health

DNA repair, damage tolerance mechanisms, damage-induced mutagenesis, postreplication repair, translesion DNA synthesis, RAD30, RAD30
McDonough, Virginia M
Hope College

McEachern, Michael J.
University of Georgia, Athens
McHugh, Peter J.
University of Oxford

DNA repair, chromatin, nucleotide excision repair, recombination, Interstrand crosslink, polymerases
Mclaughlin, Calvin S.

McMaster, Christopher
Dalhousie University

genetics, proteomics, structure-function, vesicle transport, lipid metabolism, CKI1, CPT1, GDE1, HEM25, INO1, KES1, NTE1, OPI1, PCT1, SEC14
McMillen, David
Mcmullin, Thomas W.
Cargill Inc

ethanol, lactic acid, succinic acid
McMurray, Michael A.
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

chaperones, cytoskeleton, protein folding, septin, prions
McNally, James
McNew, James A.
Rice University

vesicular traffic, mating, membrane fusion
McVey, Mitch
Tufts University

DNA repair, recombination, RecQ helicases
Meacock, Peter A.
University of Leicester

THI11, THI12, THI13, THI5
Megee, Paul
University of Colorado Denver

centromere, mitosis, Sister chromatid cohesion
Mekhail, Karim
University of Toronto

Mellor, Jane
University of Oxford

transcription termination, transcription regulation, Chromatin remodeling activities, Centromere binding factor 1
Melloy, Patricia
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Meluh, Pamela B.
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
chromatin, chromosome segregation, mitosis, protein modification, microarray, microtubule, histone, SUMO pathway, centromere/kinetochore, Synthetic biology, CBF1, COX2, CSE4, MIF2, NFI1, PDS5, SIZ1, SMT3, TOP2, UBC9, ULP2
Menees, Tom
University of Missouri-Kansas City

retrotransposon, retrovirus, transposition, yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, host factors, Ty1, Ty3
Menon, Anant K.
Weill Cornell Medical College

Merz, Alexey
University of Washington

Golgi, Rab, SNARE, calcium, fusion, pH, vacuole, membrane, Vesicle
Meskauskas, Arturas
University of Maryland
Meunier, Brigitte

mitochondria, respiratory chain
Mewes, H. Werner

Michaelis, Susan
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

endocytosis, guanine nucleotide exchange factors, ER quality control, a-factor processing, STE6, STE24, STE14, RCE1, AXL1, MFA1
Micheline, Wesolowski
Michelitch, Merrilyn
(Other last name: Datta)
Invitrogen Corporation

Michels, Corinne A.
Queens College - City University of New York

glucose repression, glucose-induced inactivation, maltose fermentation, proteolysis, signal transduction, HSP90/Hsp70 molecular chaperone, MAL1, MAL11, MAL12, MAL13, MAL2, MAL21, MAL22, MAL23, MAL3, MAL31, MAL32, MAL33, MAL34, MAL4, MAL41, MAL42, MAL43, MAL6, MAL61, MAL62, MAL63, MAL64
Mihail, Smirnov
Millar, Jonathan
National Institute for Medical Research
checkpoint, cyclin, spindle pole body, replication origins, microtubule, Anaphase Promoting Complex (APC), spindle orientation, cohesion, actin
Miller, Charles A.
Tulane Univ. School of Public Health

ARS, Ah receptor, DNA replication, chromatin, cyclophlin, dioxin, origin, steroid hormone receptor, p23, HSP90
Miller, Liz
Columbia University

ER quality control, cargo selection, membrane curvature, COPII vesicles
Miller, Mary E.
(Other last name: Feldhacker)
Rhodes College

CDK, localization, specificity, CDC28, CLN2, CLN3, CLN1
Miller, Rita K.
Oklahoma State University

nuclear migration, KAR9p, Spindle positioning
Mingyong, Xiong
Tianjin University

Minvielle-Sebastia, Lionel
yeast, pre-mRNA 3'-end processing, snoRNA processing, CLP1, HRP1, NAB2, PAB1, PAN2, PAN3, PCF11, PTI1, REF2, RNA14, RNA15
Mir, Snober S.
Integral University

autophagy, cancer, protein trafficking
Mirach, Branden
Mironova, Ludmila N.
St. Petersburg State University

SUP35 and SUP45 genes
Miseta, Attila
University of Pecs

calcium, galactosemia, glucose, signaling, vacuole, unfolded protein response, ergastoplasmic reticulum, galactose, glucose phosphates, PGM1, PGM2, PMC1, PMR1, VCX1
Mishra, Krishnaveni
University of Hyderabd

gene silencing, SUMOylation, ESC1, NFI1, RTT103, SIR2
Mitchell, Aaron P.
Carnegie Mellon University

Candida albicans, fungal pathogenesis, pH response, Biofilm formation, RIM101, RIM13, RIM8, RIM9
Mitchison, T. J.
Mito, Erica
City of Hope National Medical Center
Mizuta, Keiko
Hiroshima University
Moens, Cecilia B
Mojzita, Dominik
Gothenburg University

NRT1, THI72, THI73, THI74
Molina, Maria
Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Pichia pastoris, cell integrity, cell lysis, cell wall, morphogenesis, yeast
Mollapour, Mehdi
SUNY Upstate Medical University

molecular chaperones, AHA1, CDC37, PPT1
Monteiro, Gisele
Sao Paulo University

antioxidant, mitochondria, protein structure, signaling, stress response, kinetic, peroxiredoxin, expression regulation, genome analyses
Montero-Lomeli, Monica
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

cation transport, lithium stress
Montpetit, Ben
University of Alberta

mRNA export, nuclear pore complex, inositol hexakisphosphate, DEAD-box ATPase
Moore, Carol Wood
CUNY Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education@City College

DNA damage, DNA repair, X-rays, bleomycin, ionizing radiation, oxidative damage, antifungal
Morais, Marcos
Federal University of Pernambuco

ARO10, PRP19
Morales-Johansson, Helena
University of Guelph
Morano, Kevin A.
University of Texas-Houston Medical School

chaperones, heat shock, stress, SCH9, Hsp70, SYM1, SSE1, HSP90, RTR1, RTR2, SYM1
Moreno, Fernando
Oviedo University

glucose repression, MED8p, hexokinase 2
Moreno, Sergio
University of Salamanca
Morgan, David O.
University of California, San Francisco

CDK, cyclin
Morgan, Jeanelle
Rutgers University
Morillo-Huesca, Macarena
Universidad de Sevilla

Morishita, Shinichi
University of Tokyo

whole genome shotgun assembly, high-throughput sequence analysis
Moriya, Hisao
Okayama University

Morrissey, John
Morse, Randall
Wadsworth Center

chromatin, transcription, nucleosomes
Morsomme, Pierre
Universite catholique de Louvain

H+-ATPase, ion homeostasis, protein transport, Membrane trafficking, membrane proteomics, GDT1, PMA1, PMP3, SNA2, SNA3, SNA4
Mosch, Hans-Ulrich
Philipps-Universitat Marburg

Motovali-Bashi, Majid
Isfahan University
Mouillon, Jean-Marie
Moye-Rowley, W. Scott
University of Iowa

ABC transporters, multidrug resistance, oxidative stress, transcription, Transcription factor, LGE1, PDR1, PDR3, PDR5, RSB1, SSZ1, YAP1, YBP1, YBP2, YOR1
Muchowski, Paul
University of Washington

amyloid, chaperones, polyglutamine, synuclein, protein misfolding
Mueller, David M.
Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

ATP synthase, ATPase, Batten disease, F1, mitochondria, mutagenesis, yeast, crystallography, ATP1, ATP15, ATP16, ATP2, ATP3, ATP5, YHC3
Mulet, Jose M.

Muller, Eric G.
University of Washington

spindle pole body
Munn, Alan L.
School of Medical Science, Griffith University (Gold Coast)

cytoskeleton, endocytosis, endosome, verprolin, actin, VRP1, LAS17, RVS161, RVS167, VPS4
Munoz, Ivan
Munro, Sean
MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology

Munson, Mary
Univ of Massachusetts Medical School

SNARE, exocytosis, vesicle transport, exocyst complex, SEC6, SEC9
Murakami, Yasufumi
Tokyo University of Science

Murphy, Andrew
Murray, Andrew
Harvard University

Murray, Douglas B
Systems Biology Institute
Murray, Pedro
Dalhousie University

Myers, Chad L.
University of Minnesota

AIM34, AIM39, ATP25

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Nachiappan, Vasanthi
Bharathidasan University

autophagy, phospholipids, Stress biology, Neutral lipids, Fatty acids
Nagaraj, Vijayalakshmi H.
Rutgers Univ, Waksman Inst

Nakano, Akihiko

Golgi, endoplasmic reticulum, protein secretion, small GTPase, vacuole, vesicle budding and fusion, vesicle recycling, vesicular traffic, Protein soring
Namy, Olivier

mRNA, readthrough, recoding, ribosome, translation, frameshifting, prions, [PSI+] prion, BSC1, BSC2, BSC3, BSC4, BSC5, BSC6, PDE2
Nasmyth, Kim
University of Oxford
Natter, Klaus
University of Graz

fatty acid, lipid droplet
Navarro, Francisco
Jaen University

gene transcription, RNA polymerases, modulators, RNA pols assembly, BUD27, Prefoldin-elongation, RNA pols biogenesis, RPB5, BUD27, RPB5, RPO21
Navarro-Garcia, Federico
Universidad Complutense de Madrid

dimorphism, microbiology, mycology, virulence, antifungal
Neckers, Len
Needham, Patrick G.
National Institutes of Health
chaperones, prion, Hsp70, prions
Needleman, Richard
WSU School of Medicine

maltose fermentation in yeast, bacteriorhodopsin, Alzheimer's, ALS, phenylbutyrate, transvection in yeast, MAL6, TAT2
Negritto, Maria C.
Pomona College

Neiman, Aaron
SUNY Stony Brook

cytokinesis, secretion, sporulation, septins, HOC1, LDS1, LDS2, OSW1, OSW2, OSW7, PCL10, PCL5, PCL6, PCL7, PCL8, PCL9, RRT12, SPO20, SPO21, SPS22
Nelson, Christopher J.
University of Victoria

Nelson, Hillary C.M.
University of Pennsylvania
heat shock
Nester, Eugene
Netto, Luis
Institue Biosciences - University Sao Paulo

thioredoxin, Glutaredoxin, peroxiredoxin, thiols, AHP1, GRX1, GRX2, PRX1, TRR1, TRR2, TRX1, TRX2, TRX3, TSA1, TSA2
Netto, Luis E. S.
Universidade de Sao Paulo

antioxidant, catalase, mitochondria, oxidative stress, thioredoxin peroxidase
Neuert, Gregor
Vanderbilt University

Neugebauer, Karla
Neupert, Walter
University of Munich
mitochondria, protein folding, protein translocation
Newlon, Carol S.
UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School

2D gel electrophoresis, chromosome III, replication origin, ARS elements
Nickels, Joe
Institute of Metabolic Disorders

Nieduszynski, Conrad
University of Oxford

Nielsen, Jens
Chalmers University of Technology

Nieto-Sotelo, Jorge
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico; Instituto de Biotecnologia
heat shock, stress, thermotolerance, CDC25
Nigavekar, Shraddha
(Other last name: Suktankar)
University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

regulation of protein phosphatase 1, dendrimer nanoparticles, inflammation and colon cancer, RAGE, GLC7
Nina, Fedoroff
Nishihama, Ryuichi
Stanford University
cytokinesis, septin
Nislow, Corey
Banting and Best Department of Medical Research

Candida albicans, chromatin, drug discovery, Next-generation sequencing, technology development, CRG1, HAS1, SET1
Nissan, Tracy
Umea University

Nitiss, John L.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
camptothecin, doxorubicin, etoposide, topoisomerase, topoisomerase I, topoisomerase II
Nobrega, Marina Pasetto
UNESP - Microbiologia - Faculdade de Odontologia

cytochrome oxidase, mitochondrial biogenesis, COX10, COX11, COX19
Nombela Cano, Cesar
Universidad Complutense
Nomura, Masayasu
University of California
RNA polymerase I, nucleolus, rDNA, silencing, transcription, Transcription factor, UAF30
Nonato, Roberto Vianna
Frings do Brazil

Norbeck, Joakim
Chalmers University of Technology

2D gel electrophoresis, dihydroxyacetone/glycerol, functional analysis, osmotic stress response, protein-protein interactions, Puf-proteins, BCY1, POP2, DAK1, DAK2, GPP1, GPP2
Nosek, Jozef
Comenius University

Candida parapsilosis, Dipodascus (Endomyces) magnusii, NADH dehydrogenase (complex I), Yarrowia lipolytica, extrachromosomal inheritance, linear mtDNA, mitochondria, mtDNA replication, non-conventional yeasts, telomere
Nothwehr, Steven F.
University of Missouri
Noueiry, Amine
West Virginia University
Novick, Peter
Yale Univeristy
Nunez, Lilia R.
(Other last name: Nunez Rodriguez)
Cornell University
inositol, phospholipid metabolism, INO1, SLT2
Nystrom, Thomas
Goteborg University

protein oxidation, ageing, SIR2, SIR2

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
O'Connor, David I.
The National University of Ireland at Maynooth

apoptosis, mitochondria, mtDNA, respiration, heat shock protein, petite-negative, yeast 2-hybrid, prions, HSP104, HSP90, HSP104
O'Donnell, Allyson F.
University of Pittsburgh
arrestins, ALY1, ALY2
O'Donnell, James
Microbe Inotech Laboratories, Inc.

O'Rourke, Sean
University of Oregon
O'Shea, Erin K.
Harvard Univ./HHMI

phosphate metabolism, proteomics, signal transduction, transcription
Obermann, Wolfgang M.J.
University of Bonn
Oeffinger, Marlene
IRCM, Montreal

Oertle, Thomas
ETH Zurich and University Zurich

Ohi, Melanie
Vanderbilt University Medical School
spliceosome, structural biology, ubiquitination, anaphase promoting complex, cryo-electron microscopy
Ohi, Ryoma
Vanderbilt University

Ohkuni, Kentaro
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Ohsumi, Yoshinori
National Institute for Basic Biology
ATG1, ATG12, ATG13, ATG16, ATG7, ATG8
Ohya, Yoshikazu
Dept. of Integrated Biosciences, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, University of Tokyo

ATPase, gene homing, protein splicing, rho-type GTPase, vacuole, VDE, calmodulin, APQ12, APQ13, CAX4, SOG2
Okamoto, Koji
University of Utah School of Medicine
GTPase, mitochondria, protein translocation, membrane dynamics, F-box protein, mitochondrial DNA maintenance, organelle morphology, MFB1
Olefsky, Jerrold
Oliveira, Carla Columbano

NOP53p, NOP17p/PIH1p, RRP43p, NOP53, PIH1
Oliver, Stephen G.
University of Cambridge
AAD10, AAD14, AAD15, AAD3, AAD4, AAD6
Onn, Itay
Faculty of Medicine, Bar-Ilan University

Ophry, Pines
Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Orlean, Peter
University of Illinois

cell wall biogenesis, glycosyl phosphatidylinositol, glycosyltransferase, protein glycosylation, polysaccharides, DPM1, GPI1, GPI11, GPI13, GPI15, GPI2, SMP3
Orlic, Sandi
Department of Microbiology University of Zagreb
Osley, Mary Ann
University of New Mexico

chromatin, transcription, histone ubiquitylation, HFI1, HIR1, HIR2, HIR3
Osman, Mahasin A.
Cornell University

IQGAP, IQG1p, cytokinesis, cytoskeleton, exocytosis, polarity, signal transduction, CDC42, IQG1
Osorio, Esteban
Osterhage, Jennifer
Hanover College
telomerase, telomere, EST1, EST2, EST3, TLC1
Otero, Jose Manuel (Manny)
Merck Research Labs, Merck & Co., Inc.
Ott, Martin
Stockholm University

CBP3, CBP4, CBP6, COB, MRX1, MRX10, MRX11, MRX12, MRX14, MRX3, MRX4, MRX5, MRX6, MRX7, MRX8, MRX9, PTH4
Otto, Sarah
Ouellette, B. F. Francis
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research

bioinformatics, Computational biology, Comparative genomics, Genome annotation, Biological databases, Yeast chromosome I, Database integration, Cancer Genomics, Pipeline development, RNA-Seq analysis
Outeiro, Tiago
MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Disease - Harvard Medical School
amyloid, chaperones, prion, stress, prions, Parkinson's disease, Neurodegenerative disease
Ozcan, Sabire
University of Kentucky, College of Medicine

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Page, Nicolas
Pain, Debkumar
Palkova, Zdena
Charles University

ammonia transport, morphology, signaling, yeast colony, ATO3
Pallotta, Dominick
Palmer, Glen
Louisiana State University
Candida albicans, autophagy, vacuole, virulence, vps, APS3, ATG9, PEP5, VPS21, YPT7
Palmer, Laura K.
Penn State University-Altoona Campus

Palmieri, Ferdinando
Pals-Rylaarsdam, Robin
Benedictine University

Panaretou, Barry
King's College London

Panek, Anita Dolly
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
stress, trehalose, trehalase
Papa, Feroz
California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences

apoptosis, diabetes, kinase, drug screening, protein misfolding, prions, unfolded protein response, endoplasmic reticulum stress, redox sensing, RNase
Pappas, Donald L.
Ivy Tech Community College

Park, Hay-Oak
Ohio State University

GTPases and regulators, budding pattern, Spatial cue-directed cell polarization, oxidative stress response
Parker, Roy
University of Arizona
mRNA, deadenylation, decapping, exosome, DCP1, EDC2, PUF2
Parra, Karlett
University of New Mexico SOM

Parthun, Mark
Ohio State University

acetylation, chromatin, histones, HAT1, HAT2, HIF1
Pasero, Philippe
Institute of Human Genetics

Passoth, Volkmar
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Dept. of Microbiology

hypoxia, heterologous protein production, xylose, Pichia stipitis, Pichia anomala, Dekkera bruxellensis
Patnaik, Srinivas
Patton-Vogt, Jana
Duquesne University

Paulovich, Amanda G.
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

DNA damage, S phase, cancer, checkpoint, replication, qtl mapping, early detection
Paumi, Christian
Eastern Kentucky University

antioxidant, fermentation, glutathione, oxidative stress, superoxide
Pavitt, Graham D.
University of Manchester

amino acids, eIF2, eIF2B, initiation factors, translation, eIF5, GCN2, GCN4, CAF20, EAP1, GCD1, GCD11, GCD2, GCD6, GCD7, GCN3, GCN4, SUI2, SUI3, TIF5
Payne, Gregory S.
UCLA School of Medicine

Pearce, David A
University of Rochester Medical Center
Batten disease, mitochondria, protein degradation, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, BTN2, YHC3
Peccoud, Jean
Colorado State University

BCK2, BUB2, CDC15, CDC20, CDC6, CLB2, CLN1, CLN2, ESP1, LTE1, MAD2, MCM1, NET1, SIC1, TEM1, WHI5
Pedruzzi, Ivo
Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (ISB / SIB)

Pelechano, Vicent
SciLifeLab, Karolinska Institutet
Pelham, Hugh R. B.
Medical Research Council

Pellman, David
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School

mitosis, microtubule, G-proteins, formins, actin, ASE1, BIK1, BIM1, BNI1, BNR1, CDC16, CDC23, CDC28, CLB2, DYN1, ESP1, KAR9, MYO2, NIP100, PAC1
Pemberton, Lucy F.
University of Virginia

histones, nuclear pore complex, nuclear transport, karyopherins/importins, nuclear import of transcription factors, KAP114, NBA1, UME1, WTM1, WTM2
Peralta-Yahya, Pamela
Georgia Institute of Technology

metabolic engineering, Synthetic biology
Pereira, Gislene
German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ)

cell polarity, cytokinesis, mitotic exit, mitotic exit network (MEN), spindle position checkpoint (SPOC), BFA1, BUB2, CDC14, CDC15, CDC5, CHS2, CYK3, DBF2, ELM1, HOF1, INN1, KAR9, KIN4, LTE1, MOB1, MYO1, RTS1, TEM1
Perez-Martinez, Xochitl
Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)

mitochondria, translation, Membrane insertion, COX1, COX1, MSS51, PET309
Perez-Ortin, Jose Enrique
University of Valencia

chromatin, functional analysis, histone acetylation, stress response, wine yeasts, yeast genome, DNA chips, transcription rate, HXT15, SPI1, SRC1, SUC2
Perrimon, N
Persson, Bengt L.
University of Stockholm
Pertschy, Brigitte
Graz University

Peter, Matthias
Peterson, Craig L.
University of Massachusetts Medical School

DNA repair, SWI/SNF, chromatin, transcription, analytical ultracentrifugation, histone acetyltransferases
Petes, Thomas Douglas
Duke University Medical School

genome stability, telomere
Petit, Thomas
University of Reunion Island

Petrini, John
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

checkpoint, recombination, telomere, MRE11, RAD50, XRS2, Nbs1, MRE11 complex
Petrovic, Uros
Jozef Stefan Institute

lipid metabolism, Biofuels, polygenic traits, IZH2, MDM10, MDM12, MDM34, PEX11, RIM101, RVS161, RVS167
Petsko, Gregory
Petsko, Gregory A.
Brandeis University

N-acetyltransferases, cell death, endocytosis, oxidative stress, protein turnover, stationary phase, chronological aging, G0, HSP31, HSP32, HSP33, TEP1
Pfander, Boris
Max-Planck Institute of Biochemistry
Pfanner, Nikolaus
University of Freiburg

mitochondria, protein import, protein translocation, TOM, TIM, heat shock proteins, membrane complex assembly
Philippsen, Peter
Biozentrum, University of Basel

LIH1, MCY1, NCW2, PIR5, SEG1, SEG2, TOH1, , , , , ,
Phizicky, Eric
University of Rochester School of Medicine

modification, processing, tRNA, biochemical genomics, tRNA degradation, ABP140, DUS1, DUS3, DUS4, POA1, SMM1, THG1, TPT1, TRL1, TRM10, TRM13, TRM44, TRM8, TRM82
Piatti, Simonetta

budding yeast, cytokinesis, mitosis, spindle assembly checkpoint, Spindle positioning, mitotic exit network, DMA1, DMA2
Picard, Didier
University of Geneva
breast cancer, dopamine, estrogen, growth factors, molecular chaperones, pheromone, signal transduction, steroid receptor, stress, HSP90
Pichler, Harald
Graz University of Technology

Pillus, Lorraine
University of California at San Diego

MYST family, SIR2 and HSTs, SAS2, SAS3, ESA1, SIR3, SET1, ESA1, SAS3, SET1
Pinkham, Jennifer L.
University of Massachusetts
Piper, Peter
University of Sheffield

Piper, Robert
University of Iowa

endosome, vacuole, HSE1
Piskur, Jure
Lund University
Plemenitas, Ana
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Medicine

hyperosmolarity, HOG signal transduction pathway, extremophiles
Plon, Sharon
Baylor College of Medicine

checkpoint, chromosome loss
Polaina, Julio
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas

Polevoda, Bogdan
University of Rochester Medical Center

cytochrome c, protein methylation, Protein methyltransferases, N-terminal protein acetylation, N-terminal acetyltransferases, Protein modifications, ARD1, CTM1, HMT1, MAK10, MAK3, MAK31, MDM20, MRF1, MTQ1, MTQ2, NAT1, NAT2, NAT3, NAT5, PET20, SUP45
Polymenis, Michael
Texas A&M University

START, cell growth, cyclin, translation, vacuole, DCR2, GID8
Pon, Liza A.
Columbia University

actin cytoskeleton, mitochondria, myosin I, organelle inheritance, time-lapse microscopy, ARP2, ARP3, JSN1, MDM10, MDM12, MMM1, MYO5, PUF3
Ponticelli, Alfred S.
State University of New York at Buffalo

RNA polymerase II, TFIIF, transcription elongation, transcription initiation, TFIIB
Popolo, Laura
University of Milan

Pichia pastoris, cell wall assembly, glycoproteins, glycosylphosphatidylinositol, yeast morphogenesis
Portela, Paula
Buenos Aires University

Posas, Francesc
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
osmotic stress, signal transduction, MAP kinases, HOG1
Pospisek, Martin
Charles University

dsRNA, linear plasmids, translation, virus
Potier, Serge
Universite Louis-Pasteur de Strasbourg/CNRS

Poulter, Russell
Powers, Ted
UC Davis

BIT61, TCO89, TSC11
Prakash, Louise
University of Texas Medical Branch

Prakash, Satya
University of Texas Medical Branch

Prasad, Rajendra
Jawaharlal Nehru University
CDR1, transport, yeast
Preto, Ana
University of Minho

autophagy, cancer, metabolism, ras
Pretorius, Isak S.
Australian Wine Research Institute
invasive growth, pseudohyphal differentiation, filamentation, wine yeast, Starch metabolism, polysaccharide metabolism, wine fermentation, biofuel ethanol, bioethanol, nutrient signalling, MSS11
Price, Virginia
Primig, Michael

meiosis, transcription factors, gametogenesis, fertility, non-coding RNAs
Pringle, John
Stanford University

Prinz, Will
Prochasson, Philippe
Evolva SA

SWI/SNF, chromatin, chromatin remodeling, metabolism, histone, HIR complex, FPP, Mevalonate pathway, Acetyl-CoA, ASF1, HIR1, HIR2, HIR3, HPC2, RTT106, SNF2, SNF5, STH1, SWI1
Proft, Markus
CSIC Spain

Pronk, Jack
Delft University of Technology

Prusty, Reeta
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Pruyne, David
SUNY Upstate Medical University

Pryciak, Peter
Pryciak, Peter M.
University of Massachusetts Medical School

Pugh, Tom
E & J Gallo Winery

beer, brewing, brewing yeast, fermentation, wine, wine yeast
Puig, Sergi
Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC)

copper, iron, CTR1, CTH2, TIS11
Pulitzer, John F.
University of Naples
chromatin, silencing, thermotolerance, ploidy, HTL1
Pullikuth, Ashok K.
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center
SEC genes, organelle inheritance, protein transport, trafficking of macromolecules, Rho-ROCK regulators, Golgi function, MAPK signaling
Pushpakaran, Dr Prem Raj
National Institute of Technology Calicut

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Qin, Hong
(Other last name: Qin)
Spelman College
Natural variation, computational genomics, life span
Quon, Tiffani
Qureshi, Tanvir
IIT Bombay

ResearcherAssociated LinksKeywords and Associated Gene Names
Rabut, Gwenael
IGDR, Rennes

proteasome, Nedd8, RUB1, ubiquitylation, Neddylation, ubiquitin, ASI1, ASI3, CDC53, CUL3, RTT101, RUB1
Rachubinski, Richard
University of Alberta

organelle biogenesis, organelle inheritance, peroxisome, protein trafficking, prions, live-cell video microscopy, PEX34
Rader, Stephen
University of Northern British Columbia

RNA structure, X-ray crystallography, fluorescence, pre-mRNA splicing, snRNP biogenesis, molecular dynamics, RNA helicase, PRP24, SNR14, SNR6
Rafael, Arango Isaza
Raghuraman, Mosur K.
University of Washington

Ragnini-Wilson, Antonella
(Other last name: Ragnini)
University of RomeTor Vergata

cytokinesis, intracellular trafficking, Rab/Ypt, Myosin V, myosin light chain, Phenotypical screenings, Prenyltransferase inhibitors, Highthroughput microscopy, myelination, prenylation, MLC1, MRS6, YPT32
Rajasekharan, Ram
Indian Institute of Science

lipase, Acyltransferase, phosphatase, ICT1, INO1, PHM8, PLC1, TGL3, TGL4, TGL5
Rajavel, Mathumathi
Johns Hopkins Univ

Ram, Arthur
University Leiden
GTPase, fungi, polarized growth, protein secretion, secretory pathway, cell wall biosynthesis
Ramezani Rad, Massoud
Heinrich-Heine-Universitat Dusseldorf

Ramos, Eugenia H.
Ramsay, Milele
University of New Orleans

Rao, Guru
Rao, Rajini
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Ca2+-ATPase, Golgi, H+-ATPase, Na+/H+ exchanger, ion selectivity, ion transport, prevacuolar compartment, antifungal, NHX1, PMR1
Rapaport, Doron
Tuebingen University

Rashki, Ahmad
Salamanca University

Raue, Dick
Raue, Hendrik A.
Vrye Universiteit
processing, rRNA, rRNA-protein interaction, ribosome, ribosome assembly, yeast
Raveh, Dina
Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Raymond, Wendy E.
Williams College

Raymund, Wellinger
Rayner, Tim F.
Reagan, Michael S.
St. John's University/College of St. Benedict

DNA repair, base excision repair, RAD27
Reck-Peterson, Samara
Harvard Medical School

dynactin, dynein, microtubule, ARP1, DYN1, DYN2, DYN3, JNM1, NDL1, NIP100, NUM1, PAC1, PAC11
Reece, Richard J.
The University of Manchester

Reese, Joseph C.
Penn State University

DNA damage, SWI/SNF, TFIID, chromatin, repression, transcription, UV resistance, CCR4-Not, TBP
Reggiori, Fulvio
University Medical CentreUtrecht
Rehfeld, Jens F.
Rehling, Peter
Department of Biochemistry II

mitochondria, protein translocation, TIM, heat shock proteins, membrane complex assembly, BCH2, COA1, COA3, FMP23, FMP25, FMP27, FMP48, FMP49, FMP52, INA22, MGR3, PAM18, ZIM17
Reinstein, Jochen

Resnick, Michael
National Institutes of Health

Revuelta, Jose L.
Universidad de Salamanca
Rey, Francisco del
Universidad de Salamanca

cell wall, sporulation, glucanases, EXG1, EXG2, SPR1
Rhodius, Virgil
Riego, Lina
Instituto Potosino de Investigacion Cientifica y Tecnologica

nitrogen metabolism, GCN4, GDH1, GDH3, GLN3
Riekhof, Wayne
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

lipids, metabolism, membranes, Fatty acids, Transporters, ALE1, DNF1, DNF2, LEM3, PBI1
Riezman, Howard
University of Geneva

GPI anchors, alpha factor, coat proteins, endocytosis, lipids, secretion, sphingolipids, ceramide, protein sorting, sterols, GPI10
Rinaldi, Teresa
University of Rome 'La Sapienza'

Rine, Jasper
University of California, Berkeley

Rischatsch, Riccarda
Biozentrum Universitat Basel
Roach, Peter J.
Indiana University School of Medicine

Robbins, Phil
cell wall, chitin, glucan, glycosylation
Robert, Francois

ChIP-chip, H2A.Z, ChIP-Seq, RNA-Seq, RNAPII CTD, HTZ1
Roberts, George
Wayne State University

bioinformatics, gene expression, proteomics, respiration, transcription, translation, microarray, real-time PCR, interactome, biological networks, RSF1, RSF2
Roberts, Ian N.
biodiversity, culture collection, strain characterisation
Roberts, Jim
Robine, Nicolas
Institut Curie
Robinson, Anne
(Other last name: Skaja)
University of Delaware
Robinson, Lucy C.
Louisiana State University Health Sciences Ctr

GFP, casein kinase 1, vesicular trafficking, bud morphogenesis, YCK1, YCK2
Rodrigues-Pousada, Claudina
New University of Lisbon, ITQB

budding yeast, stress, oxidative, Metal, AP-1 like factors, YAP8 and YAP5, YAP1
Rodriguez-Gil, Alfonso
Universidad de Sevilla

Rodriguez-Navarro, Susana
Centro de Investigacion Principe Felipe

nucleocytoplasmic transport, chromatin remodeling, mRNA, transcription, DUB, Export, SAGA complex, SGF11, SGF73, SRC1, SUS1, UBP8
Roeder, G. Shirleen
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

checkpoint, chiasmata, chromosome structure, chromosome synapsis, homolog pairing, recombination, recombination nodules, synaptonemal complex, telomere, ZIP2
Rolfe, Mark
Rolfes, Ronda J.
Georgetown University

gene expression, purine nucleotide biosynthesis, regulatory mechanisms, PHO2, BAS1, BAS2
Roncero, Cesar
Universidad de Salamanca
cell wall, chitin, stress response
Rosbash, Michael
Brandeis University

Rose, Mark D.
Princeton University

cell fusion, conjugation, karyogamy, kinesin, microtubules, spindle pole body, nuclear fusion, ARP1, ARP10, CDC31, FUS1, FUS2, FUS3, KAR1, KAR2, KAR3, KAR4, KAR5, KAR9, PRM3, RVS161
Rosebrock, Adam
University of Toronto
genomics, transcription, microarray, G0, G1/S
Rosenwald, Anne G.
Georgetown University

ARF, arl, endocytosis, secretion
Rosenzweig, Frank
University of Montana

catabolite repression, evolution, genetic polymorphism, genomics, glucose transport, adaptation, microarray
Rospert, Sabine
Universitat Freiburg

Ross-Macdonald, Petra B.
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Rossell, Carlos Eduardo Vaz
Copersucar technology Center
alcohol, sugar
Roth, Frederick P.
Harvard Medical School
Rothstein, Rodney
Columbia University Medical Center

Helicase, genome stability, recombination, topoisomerase, topology, gene disruption, allele replacement, RNR regulation, checkpoints, synthetic dosage lethality, CSM2, IRC10, IRC11, IRC13, IRC14, IRC15, IRC16, IRC2, IRC3, IRC4, IRC5, IRC6, IRC7, IRC8, IRC9, PSY3, RAD52, RMI1, SGS1, SHU1, SHU2, SML1, TOP3
Rout, Mike
Rockefeller University

karyopherins, nuclear pore complex, nuclear transport, nucleoporin, NUP159
Rowland, Benjamin
The Netherlands Cancer Institute

mitosis, cohesin, ECO1, IRR1, MCD1, PDS5, RAD61, SMC1, SMC3
Roy, Nilanjan

bioenergetics, oxidative stress, proteomics, Sirtuins, Caloric Restriction, ATP2, CSR2, SIR2
Ruby, Stephanie W.
University of New Mexico School of Medicine

DNA-damage inducible genes, coordination of transcription and splicing, pre-mRNA splicing, spliceosome assembly, USA1
Rudolf, Schweyen
Rudolph, Hans K.
University of Stuttgart

Ruis, Helmut
University of Vienna
Ruiz-Manzano, Ana

Runge, Kurt W.
The Lerner Research Institute

DNA binding protein, ZDS, length, regulation, silencing, telomere, RAP1, TEL1, TEL2
Ruscetti, Tracy
Stanford University
Russell, Peter J.
Reed College

replication, virus
Rutter, Jared
University of Utah

Ryan, Kathryn
Texas A&M University

Ryan, Mike
Ryley, James
Unviersity of Texas Health Science Center

bioinformatics, fibroblasts, sensescence, telomerase, yeast
Rymond, Brian
Biology Department

pre-mRNA splicing, snRNA, snRNP, spliceosome, CLF1, PRP38, PRP39, PRP42, SMD1, SMD3, SPP381, SPP382, SQS1, YSF3
Rytka, Joanna
Polish Academy of Sciences